Thursday, February 11, 2016

Pathway of Hearts

 Noah, Leila and I made Valentine's cookies one night. We are saving the really fun part (decorating them) for our Valentine's Party! We made 3 batches, and have only been sneaking one here and there, so we should have plenty.

We painted using red, purple an pink. Then we cut out hearts from their art work to decorate the apartment.

She takes her work very seriously. ;)

Although I was watching him like a hawk, not once did Drew attempt to eat the paint! Geez, they grow up so fast.

Drew and I worked on this one together. I think he enjoyed his first lesson on pointillism.

Maryam is all about walking, these days. She is very safe. She listens well, knows to stay on the sidewalk, and is now learning to stop at every driveway to check for cars.

We fed a little squirrel some of our cracker. He was very grateful!

I thought this was so cute: Leila helping to clean the apartment on the weekend. She is REALLY into this Cinderella thing! ;)

Leila is now registered for kindergarten this fall. Judging by her skill in the activities she did in Noah's old work book, she is more than ready!

We have generously been sharing illness at the daycare. It's a bad bug. Maryam needs lots of cuddles when she's sick. When I absolutely have to clean up, and cannot hold her, Leila plays nurse.

Maryam feels very well taken care of.

Leslie's (A.K.A. The School) again! She has an ECE student working in her classroom. Together they had geared all the activities around a Valentine's Day theme.

Heart shapes in the sand box...

Red coloured water and toys for the water table....

Although not pictured here, they also had red and pink play dough and red and pink paint. So fun!

Drew (as of the past week) is able to climb on and off of this red car. Here, he takes Leila on the back, for a spin. Well, actually, he can't move on it yet; he can only get on and off. ;) This kid is extremely agile though, so I expect he'll be racing around the place in no time!

We finally got snow!!!

We are getting ready to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Today, we made a pathway of hearts.

Drew thought it was cool!

Some of the kids' finished art work...

And our heart tree, courtesy of Dollarama. Stay tuned for pics of our upcoming celebration, which will require a blog post all its own. :)

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