Thursday, March 24, 2016

Easter Activities

We dyed a ton of eggs on Friday! It really was a good idea to do such a large amount, because now we don't care if one breaks here and there.

Leila takes her work very seriously.

I thought Maryam, being only 2, would break quite a few eggs during this activity. Clearly, she's an expert. She only broke one at the very end of the activity (the scientist in her wondered what would happen if she squeezed it - it was hollow, btw).

It was a very pleasant, peaceful activity. Noah arrived home from school just in time to join in.

As you can see, we started experimenting with mixing the colours; it wasn't pretty. Also, as you can see in the background, Maryam experimented with dyeing her hands green. :)

This pic below was taken after she roughly, and repeatedly dunked her egg in the green dye, while singing "mix, mix, mix". I love her look though. "Who me? Make a mess?" lol

Dea works better standing up. :)

They dried quickly, so some of us drew on them with markers.

The egg dye package only came with stickers, but Dea had the genius idea to put tattoos on them. (Leila got a huge pack of tattoos from her Oma, and I have been putting a lot of them on Dea.) Somebody said, "We can't put tattoos on the eggs." Well, we tried Dea's idea, and yes, she is a very clever and imaginative girl. They looked great! Both she and Leila got so good at it that they didn't even need my help. I was really impressed with that, especially with hollow, fragile eggs.

We made Easter cookies on Monday. (Basically, if I have the appropriate cookie cutters for an occasion, cookies will be made.)

We also brought out the Easter baskets. At one point, Drew kept carrying a toy truck around in one of the baskets. He's getting cuter by the day!

Bunny bowling. On Maryam's turn, she simply held on to the ball, walked over, and smashed it down on the bunnies. Strike!

Drew got a chance to just play with the bunnies afterwards. He wasn't into the bowling bit.

We invited Marcus (an alumni) to come to the daycare for our Easter egg hunt. What a thrill to have him back, even for just a day! (Note: this is during our hour of T.V. that I allow from 8-9 at the daycare, which is why Amadea is a little distracted.)

Marcus wasn't shy at all. He really busted a move when we played one of Leila's new Kids Bop cd's!

And finally, here it is...Easter Egg hunt 2016!

We didn't invite any school-aged kids this year. Last year, Noah and B. left school early to join us. The problem was that they were too good, and pretty much took over.

I gotta say though, Leila was extremely quick at finding them! I had to give the kids lot of hints for the trickier hiding places (e.g. inside the toy airplane).

Maryam was happy to look at a few eggs.

There were no chocolates in the plastic eggs, fyi. It was just for fun. There are half plastic eggs all over my apartment this week. lol Maryam in particular, enjoys scattering them everywhere! Haha, it's only a week in time though, and our place is a mess at the calmest of times.

Marcus's mother brought some plastic eggs with little chocolate eggs inside. The kids are enjoying one here at lunch time.

After nap time, it was time to ice our Easter cookies. I was living dangerously, having them do this activity before dinner, but I wanted Marcus to enjoy it while he was here. Turns out, he didn't want to ice his cookie at all.

Drew enjoyed a plain cookie too. Then he played with a closed plastic jar of sprinkles; the perfect shaker! ;)

Maryam was very focused and took her time. She's really getting the hang of cookie decorating!

We missed this face!

Leila won't watch Teletubbies without Drew in the morning.

The quality of the bond they share is pretty clear. Unbelievably sweet!

Drew is getting into the spirit of Easter. :)

And finally, these are 3 little munchkins this morning, in their own little houses. We originally put stuffed animals in their "cages" because we were playing Zoo, but this was far more fun.

Happy Easter, everyone!

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