Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Capybaras Back Home At High Park Zoo

Amadea has been bringing delicious snow peas to the daycare, fresh from her garden at home! She picks them herself before she comes to daycare. How lovely is that?!

 We visited the High Park Zoo last Thursday. (Well, some of us. Marcellus was home sick, and Noah and Leila were at the Metro Toronto Zoo with their older siblings.)

Drew was very interested in the animals. Here the kids are, looking at the reindeer.

They spent the longest time watching the Bison. It's obviously much more fun when the animals are active, and the bison sure were. That's because the calf was pestering the adult bison. The calf kept nudging one of them until the adult tried to kick him away. The calf would back up, but playfully and repeatedly came back to irritate some more. It got to the point where the calf was being chased around the pen, in a fruitless effort to deter him from annoying his elders. Bison calf win.

Maryam brought Dora with us too. She has such a great imagination. She had Dora climbing up trees, and was showing her all the animals.

The photo below is evidence that the capybaras are indeed both back where they belong. What adventures they must have had! ;)

Drew walked almost the whole way back; I kid you not!

I love walking along the path at the eastern end of the park. It is so beautiful, and definitely my favourite part of High Park.

Maybe it's Drew's favourite too. Maybe that's why he had unlimited energy for running and walking such a long distance (especially for such little legs!).

Dea practised mindfulness while Drew helped push the load. He did this for quite some time too, which got him a multitude of "awwws" and heartfelt smiles from passersby.

They enjoyed peeking over at the waterfall just before the big hill on Spring Road.

They even walked up the hill. (I appreciated this. I have experienced pulling 4 kids up this hill in the wagon many times, so I had  crossed it off my bucket list long ago. So, I didn't need to do it on this day, though I would have had no choice if they insisted. Then again, these kids are my gym, so it's all good.)

They had so much fun exploring! We can't wait to spend more time at High Park over the summer, and are hoping to ride the train!

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