Thursday, June 30, 2016

Ice Cream Cuties

Yesterday was Noah's last day of Grade 2, so we all went to pick him up from school to celebrate!

He was pretty excited about a break from school. Can you tell?!

We had mac and cheese for dinner (a very early dinner) in the park beside the school.

Marcellus is already getting the hang of using a fork. He's brilliant!

Noah played soccer with his friends, and Drew was fully into the game.

Most of the kids ate their dinner, and some grapes, and watched the soccer game.

This photo was taken as we were waiting in line for ice cream. The kids were getting very excited! 

The only kid who wasn't into the ice cream was Marcellus. He's not sure about it yet. He didn't want it, so I reluctantly ate it. ;)

I love our gang...

Sweet princess...

Sweet prince...

I cropped the picture of Drew. He's just so adorable!

And this is my favourite touch-up. An idyllic summer's day. :) Here's to the start of summer!

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