Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Break from Home Daycare - Son and Mom time!

Noah and I were on 'vacation' this week, simply because the other children in my care were on vacation. It was beautiful to have some 1-on-1 time with Noah, and to spoil him with all my attention.

On Tuesday, we went to meet Dan (AKA Daddy) downtown for lunch, and spent some time at the Eaton Centre afterwards. I showed Noah the Disney Store, so he could see his beloved Mickey Mouse - er - I mean "Mi Mow". He loved it and was very upset, crying for Mi Mow as I pushed him away from the store in his stroller.

We stopped by Indigo and that is where we spent the next couple of hours. Okay, I don't know if we actually spent 2 full hours in there. I lost track of time. But wow, that is the longest I've ever been parked in a store! It's quite the play place. I don't remember it being quite that elaborate the last time I took him, and I've never seen another Indigo store with so much for children to play with. First Noah played at the Thomas the Tank Engine train activity table. He later moved on to the kitchen.

Then the shopping cart. Oh, he also loved going in and out of that giant tea cup you see there on the left.

Then he moved on to the Easel.

On top of that, he had fun pushing a lawnmower around, and playing with balls (though he never discovered the basket-ball hoop - maybe next time). But seriously, it is insane how a store can be so much fun for kids!

This wasn't a day when I needed to do much shopping. However, I will remember this for the next time I am wheeling him around in the stroller on a major shopping trip at the Eaton Centre (particularly at Christmas time). There is always a point during one of those types of shopping trips when I get a case of Mother's guilt for having him in the stroller so long. This will definitely be a great place for a pit stop, even if I do have to endure a major meltdown when I put him back in the stroller!

In other news, Noah has become quite the little fish at our apartment swimming pool. He is kicking his legs and moving his arms more, and loves to be dipped under water.
Here's a shot of him waiting for the elevator. In his hands are the toys he loves to bring in the pool with him. Actually, I think he has conceptually merged them into one toy, called the "choo choo boat".

On Saturday night Dan and I went to "Rock of Ages" while Noah's big sister, Emily, babysat. She had a little help from Jacob and her boyfriend, Dave.

Emily is our ONLY babysitter. We have never even considered anyone else because we feel so reassured when she is looking after Noah. I know, at some point we will need to relax and have at least one back-up! I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Today was the perfect day. We went to Sunnyside Beach and Noah had a blast! He is at the age now when he can really enjoy playing by the shore. He had fun mucking around, collecting stones in his sand pail, and tossing stones into the water.
He had many admirers.

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