Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sunny Days

Photos taken at Vine Parkette

We have been enjoying the summer sunshine in all its abundance. Even though it's been stinking hot, we've managed to stay cool by spending a  little time at the wading pools. We pack a bag of sandbox toys, and toys for the wading pool, and head on over to the park after their naps.

Above photos taken at Lithuania Park

They were a little wary of the wading pool at first, but are becoming much braver each day! I get my bathing suit on and go right on in with them. Apparently this is weird, since I have seen no other parent or caregiver do this. Why not? I'm there with them anyway. I may as well cool off too! Actually, it wasn't until Aidas saw me splashing my face and wetting my hair that he decided to splash around and cool himself off. Hopefully, modelling comfort in the water may help them to become more comfortable in the water too.

It's great that the wading pools are right next to playgrounds. That way, they never spend too much time in the sun. Here they are on one of the play structures, having a snack and a drink after a swim.

After the kids left today, I took Noah back to the playground. As of today, he can climb onto the tallest part of the play structure at Lithuania Park. This horrifies me. He seems to be doing very well and is cautious around the edges, though. As you can see in these pictures, he is VERY proud.

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