Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Morning at Lithuania Park

We had a fantastic morning at the playground. Noah and Aidas are getting pretty skilled on the equipment, so they are able to do more now.

They are both starting to get the idea of making a sand castle now! Noah actually made one all by himself using the little cup pictured here. They know to fill the pail up, use their hand to go "pat, pat, pat" and then "flip it". They always immediately destroy a sand castle once it is made. That's the fun in it, for now!

They both took turns driving what we called the "boat". Sometimes we sing The Wheels on the Bus when they start driving. Too cute!

Below are a couple of videos of Noah and Aidas in the playground tube. They are BFF's! Or, as Aidas's mother put it, they're having a "Bromance".

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