Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mud Puddles

We have been meeting Lucas and Maya at the Annette Street Public Library drop-in program some Friday mornings. I don't think we would be able to visit this program if it weren't for their mother, Marlaine. She helps all 5 big kids with their food and drink at snack time (run by the library) while I feed baby Oscar. It looks like we might be taking a break from this routine for a while though, as my kids seem to have had enough of the library program for a while. I think we will change our community program outing to Indian Road Public School Early Literacy Centre for at least a month or so, just for a change of scenery.

The kids are all having a blast playing with Noah's new birthday presents. We are really working on taking turns, instead of grabbing toys from each other. It is obviously especially hard with brand new toys; they are just so excited to try them out!

On his actual birthday (September 21st), Noah got to choose which playground we went to. He chose the Choo Choo Playground (Vine Parkette). It's quite a ways from us, but luckily I can still squish 4 in the wagon. (This will most definitely not be possible when they are all wearing snowsuits and heavy boots!) Each kid brought a balloon, and we had quite the party wagon travelling through the neighbourhood! We met Lucas and Maya at the playground, and had a picnic there, which made it extra fun!

Noah has been pretty good about sharing his birthday toys with his friends. He has so much stuff now - I am just so glad he has friends to share them with on a daily basis. We have so many toys, we could basically open up our own drop-in centre! Hmmm....High Park Drop-In Centre...if the daycare kids didn't need to nap or go outdoors, it would work perfectly!

One of the toys Noah received from his big sister Emily, and boyfriend Dave, was a projector and storybook combo. He got one Winnie the Pooh book and two Dora the Explorer books to use with it. It is a great activity for dark, rainy days. One day last week, while Noah was still napping, the other kids and I watched and listened to the Pooh Bear story in the computer room. Both of the above pictures were taken in the dark room: one using the flash on my camera, one without. We have since done this activity in Noah's room, with the older boys all taking turns pushing the button which cues the next page.

We usually meet with Lucas and Maya, and their mother Marlaine, for a play date two times a week. Marlaine has bravely introduced the "big-kid swings" to her children, and we have followed her lead. Here Noah is, swinging with his beloved Maya. Noah's love of Maya is the most adorable case of unrequited love I have ever seen!

Oscar is really starting to enjoy the swings, as long as I don't stray too far!

It was a little bit damp at the playground on this day, since it had rained the night before. We all ventured down to the field (at Lithuania Park), which was mostly dry. I believe it was Lucas who discovered the mud puddles in one tiny area of the field. It was all over from there! Marlaine helped to remove shoes and socks, and to roll up their pant legs. (Luckily, it was a pretty warm day outside!)

What a joy it was to see the kids having so much fun! They stomped in puddles and used sticks to poke in the puddles. They got disgustingly dirty. Maya tried to sit in a puddle, before her mom informed her that the line was drawn there. Maya, trying to clarify her intentions, told Marlaine she would like to swim in the puddle. The answer, of course, was even more definitely "no"!

Little Oscar is taking everything in. He is always very eager to join the older kids in their wild activities. One day, and it won't be long, Oscar, this too will be yours! 

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