Monday, December 19, 2011

Paper Plate Wreath Craft

  • plain white paper plate
  • scissors
  • green paint
  • paint brush
  • red construction paper
  • white glue
  • hole punch
  • red yarn or ribbon

  1. Cut the centre out of the paper plate. Leave at least an inch and 3/4 width for the outer rim.
  2. Discard the centre and paint the paper plate ring green. Let it dry
  3. Shred construction paper into 1/4 inch pieces. (It would be optimal to cut out nice little circles to represent the berries, but I went the quicker and easier route, and instead made little squares.)
  4. Glue the red pieces onto the green paper plate ring. (The amount and design is up to the artist.) Let dry.
  5. Decide where you want the top of your wreath to be, and punch a hole there.
  6. Thread some red string or red ribbon through the hole (you could also tie a red bow if you have the ribbon) and hang it up.

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