Monday, April 8, 2013

More Truck Sightings!

Toronto Hydro has been doing a lot of work across from Keele Street Public School. The boys have basically had front row seats to a show of men working on trucks; cranes mostly. One day, Thomas did not leave the fence - I don't even think he moved a muscle. He just watched in awe as men worked on the wires of the hydro poles.

And here they are watching the men work, on a different day. On this day, Thomas had been watching so intently that one of the workers came to chat with him. Bonus! I told the man how the children saw them as heroes. One day, in the previous week, as we were walking home, we passed by one of their trucks. I told the man that one of the workers had jumped off the truck, and this had been THE hot topic at the daycare for a week straight. For the past week I had heard (from Oscar and Thomas) "Man jump", "Man jump truck", "Man jump down". They were and are STILL fascinated by it. I love how some of the men take the time to wave at the boys from their buckets in the cranes. It's such a small gesture that makes the kids feel so be acknowledged by the cool "truck men".

On our way back to the apartment one day, a garbage truck was dumping the huge garbage bins from our apartment building, turning them upside down, using its "claws". In the picture, you can see Noah and B. having an even closer look. For boys who love trucks, this much excitement in one day rivals Christmas!

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