Saturday, April 20, 2013

Springtime and the Livin is Mucky

We are FINALLY enjoying more springlike weather this week! I love these pictures of Thomas and Leila on the swings. It reminds me of Noah and Aidas on the same swings back in the day, when I had just started the daycare. And Thomas is SO busted here, eating one of the cookies that a close fiend made for us. Life is sweet!

This is a mud puddle in the yard at Noah's school. We had seen it the day before, so the next day, we all wore our rain boots and embraced it! It was unbelievably fun. Especially on a mild day like this, with no wind, I feel compelled to encourage this type of play. It is so easy for me (okay, easy isn't the word, but doable, in comparison to a kindergarten teacher with 20 or more students) to let them do as they please, and then just change them when we get back home.

Pure joy. But mud is not only fun, it's healthy. I wrote a blog on it a while ago at, but even if you Google "mud is good", or something to that effect, you will come across all the research that says how healthy it is for kids to get dirty.

Still, the physical benefit isn't the reason I feel compelled to let the children enjoy this mess. It's because, when I recall my own childhood, some of the happiest memories I have are when I was feeling close to nature. If you were permitted, as a child, to do things like bury yourself in leaves in the fall, run around in a warm summer rain shower, climb trees, keep caterpillars as pets and yes, make mud pies, then you know how psychologically beneficial this kind of activity is. You don't even need the research. (Thanks mom!)

We're not allowed to stay in the schoolyard past noon. Guess who kicked and screamed when I tried to tear him away from this glorious puddle? Yes, Oscar ran and hid in this corner, hoping I would relent. Unfortunately, it wasn't up to me. I could not blame him one bit for fussing though. I wish I could have kept them there longer.

We are sad to say good-bye to this little guy, who is leaving the daycare as of next week. We will miss him dearly. He began when he was a mere 8 months old! BUT, Oscar is going to come back to visit the gang periodically. Thomas, especially, will be so happy to see him, when he does come to visit! These two have become pretty close. I am just happy to have met and cared for Oscar. Every child teaches me something, and Oscar has taught me so much. I know he will be loved wherever he goes!

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