Friday, May 3, 2013

Field Trip to the ROM!

B.'s mother generously offered to share her family pass to the Royal Ontario Museum with the daycare. So she, myself, B., Noah, Thomas and Leila went on a field trip! We had a blast!

B. is especially fond of dinosaurs. Okay, he is downright crazy about dinosaurs! He had quite a bit to teach the rest of us while walking through the dinosaur exhibit. Thomas and Leila seemed to enjoy it too.

I think Noah's favourite part of the entire museum was the T.V. screens. Noah loves T.V. (It seems so taboo to admit that one's child loves T.V. these days, but it's the truth.) He loves being able to choose and play videos, and he had the opportunity to do this at the ROM (while learning about dinosaurs at the same time)! As you can see, Thomas got right in there too!

The kids area on the 2nd level was great. Thomas and Leila played with puzzles and bead toys, and also enjoyed eating pretend food at a little dining table. Noah's favourite part of this area was the toy castle, while B. loved digging for dinosaur bones (no surprise there!).

Later on, Thomas and Leila pondered the meaning of life while watching some very beautiful fish in a tank. Thomas finally fell asleep in his stroller. We had brought his "susie" and "blankie", and this was enough for him to drift off. Leila, never wanting to miss anything, pulled through the rest of the day with no nap! (She woke from her morning nap at 11am, and didn't sleep until bedtime - around 8pm! That is a log time for a 13-month-old!)

All the kids enjoyed the subway ride there and back. Once we got out of the subway station and were heading home, we let Thomas walk with the big boys. He practised his jumping skills the whole way home. He'll say "Watch, Charla", take a big bend in preparation for a big jump, and then take a big...step. So cute! He has been watching B. and wanting to do the same big jumps as him. It didn't take B.'s mom long to fall in love with him!

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