Monday, May 13, 2013

Lazy Days of....Summer?

Between April and May, the season seemed to change directly from winter to summer. (We're not complaining!) Much of the time it has been shorts and t-shirt weather. We have even started applying sunscreen.

As of late April, Oscar has left the daycare. Then last week, B. went on holiday with his family for one week. So, it has just been Noah, Leila, Thomas and me. It really seems like vacation time around here too! It is very quiet compared to the usual din. It's not my style to keep it that quiet around here, but it's been a nice little break!

One afternoon, when the babies went for their naps, Noah and I made some popcorn and watched The Wizard of Oz. Thomas woke up from his nap a little too early. I debated whether to encourage him to sleep more, or to come on out of bed. In the end I got him out, but I guess that was a mistake!

Glad he got his zzzz's one way or another!

Another afternoon, Noah and I played Chutes and Ladders on the balcony.

He won. Phew. You don't want to see Noah when he loses the game. It definitely wakes the babies up.

Leila's finally riding like a big kid in the wagon! I babied her longer than I have any other child in the daycare (yes, including Noah). She's tough as nails though, so I really have nothing to worry about. Here she is riding with her bestie, Thomas. They're both donning their Pooh Bear hats. That's what the cool kids are wearing these days!

I thought Thomas looked like quite the sight, with his hat, sunglasses and "susie" (bottom left). So cute! Someone actually said to him, endearingly, "You've got a lot going on with your face right now".  Leila's favourite game is to pull the "susie" out of his mouth, then give it back to him, so they can play the game again. Despite some of my pictures, Thomas actually spends a lot of time without the "susie". He's working on it, okay?! :)

We've been spending much more of our time outside lately. In the late afternoons, after the babies wake up, we've been trekking outside for walks or to the playground. Last Thursday we were leaving Lithuania Park. The ice cream truck was there, and Noah kept commenting that he would like ice cream. I kept telling him "another day" and was pulling the wagon up the hill when I realized, it was the perfect day.

We had the PERFECT reason to get ice cream. Noah had been working very hard on something in particular, since last September, and had completed a large portion of it on this very day. I was so proud of him! I started backing the wagon back down the hill.

The younger two were surprisingly patient as we waited in line for our treats. I got Noah, Thomas and I twist cones. I offered some to Leila, but she preferred her cracker. Thomas had his cone pretty much glued to his face for the whole way home. Oh, and did I mention this was right before dinner? Yes, on this day, we were "Rebel Daycare"! I was pleasantly surprised when the kids went on to eat their dinner at home, like champs!

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