Monday, May 27, 2013

Playin' in the Rain

These pictures are actually from a couple of weeks ago. I completely forgot to post them, but they are so cute, I figured it was better late than never!

It was a pretty mild, spring rain on this day. When Noah and B.'s classes got out of Junior Kindergarten, all the other kids left to get out of the rain.

It was kind of nice to have the yard all to ourselves! Noah, who I think fancies himself a Phys-Ed teacher at times, had us running circles around the playground.

Thomas practised his jumping skills, so he could make the biggest splash possible!

Even Leila was well prepared in her rain pants. She also wore plastic baggies over her shoes. (I cannot for the life of me find rain boots in her size!)

I can't wait to play in the summer rain as it warms up!

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