Friday, January 9, 2015

Home Daycare 2015 - Style!

One thing I've always loved about running a home daycare, is that many kids get to enjoy the presents my children receive for Christmas, birthdays, or whatever! Above, Riley is playing with a new doll and castle that Leila got from family members.

On top of that, I notice that my kids enjoy their own toys more when they see others' interest in them. Neither of my kids has ever really been attached to any toy, blanket, etc. Okay, I lie. Noah is very attached to media of all sorts (which can be both good and bad. After all, the T.V. Guide did inspire him to teach himself to read!) Leila is more about the social interaction. She only likes playing with her toys when others are playing with her. In any case, neither of them are very attached to the multitude of toys they have, which makes them very good at sharing with the daycare kids. They see their toys as everyone's toys. And since they are spoiled rotten by family and friends, it is so great the toys get so much use.

In other news, Leila has finally moved into her "big girl" bed! Her Oma bought her Strawberry Shortcake sheets for Christmas, so she is all set.

These pictures are of her first night in the toddler bed.. Her big brother helped her get used to it. She LOVES it!

We made Oobleck for the first time at the day care, this week. It is made by mixing corn starch and water. It's really cool because it acts as both a liquid and a solid. Guess who was the only one brave enough to even touch it? Amadea the artist. :)

As you well know it has been FREEZING cold this week in Toronto! We made it out for a walk every day except Wednesday. Usually the kids get out of the wagon and walk a little, but not this week. They didn't even talk much. I guess they were just praying for me to get them back to our warm home quickly! I was relieved though, today, as we were walking in between the buildings, when there were enormous, almost frightening wind gusts (almost knocked me off my feet!) and heard them laughing! Well, Leila and Thomas were laughing. Amadea was purely focused on holding her hood onto her head. We have been enjoying hot chocolate with marshmallows twice a week since early December, upon our return home. It makes braving the cold a little more worthwhile, to them!

We did finger painting today. It's been quite a while since we've done this, as we were so focused on holiday crafts for the past month or so.

Here, Amadea is delighted that the paper is sticking to her hands. :)

In case you were wondering, Book Club has resumed for the year 2015.

Remember, I have nothing to do with this. They organize it themselves. During free play, they just decide that this is their activity, and set up shop. I do, of course, show delight when they do this. It's just adorable. AND a good habit for them to get into.

They changed location part way through. Can't say I blame them!

We are very excited to welcome a new baby (1-year-old) to the daycare next week!! Thomas is already on the look-out for items that are too small to have around, and could pose a choking hazard for the little one. He brings me little pieces of paper to throw in the garbage, and has reminded me a few times to take the smaller magnets off the fridge. Great practice for his upcoming role as a big brother! All three of them are my little helpers!

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