Monday, January 5, 2015

Jackson and the No-Good, Terrible, Very Bad Morning at Daycare

(Jackson is a fictionalized character used to describe some very real happenings at the daycare this morning. It is told from his perspective.)

My first morning back at the daycare after Christmas break was brutal.

When I arrived this morning, Leila informed me she had moved into her big girl bed. She had new sheets on it and everything. I said that I got a new bed too, but nobody could see it because it was all the way at my home. Charla said I had new sheets to sleep on for nap time, because Noah got Lego Movie sheets for Christmas (and I sleep in Noah's bed at nap time). But I wanted MY new bed to be there. At the daycare. Charla said we couldn't bring my bed to the daycare. I could tell it was going to be a horrible, terrible, no-good, very bad morning at the daycare.

While I was playing with Noah's new knight's castle that he got for Christmas, I told everyone that I had a new baby boy doll in my backpack. When they asked if they could see it I said I didn't want to share it because it is SPECIAL TO ME. Then Noah said that if I don't share my doll with Leila, he wouldn't share his knight's castle with me. I let them see the doll. But I was not pleased.

Amadea's dad told Charla that Dea had a very sore neck. Charla gave her some medicine to make it not hurt so much. I said I needed some medicine too, but Charla said you can only have medicine when you really need it. I said "Poor me, because I have a bit of a cough". But Charla wasn't convinced that I needed medicine. This is NOT fair.

At snack I spilled a drop of water on myself. I screamed and demanded that Charla change my clothes, but she said she couldn't change my clothes every time I got a tiny speck of water on them. I was so mad at her. Isn't this what my mom and dad pay her for? I think I'll quit the daycare tomorrow.

After snack I kept saying hi to Dea, but she didn't say hi back. So I said hi louder. She still said nothing. So I said hi really loud and moved right up to her face, just to be sure she heard me. She got mad and walked away. Leila kept saying hi to me, but I didn't want her to say hi! I angrily told Leila that I was saying hi to Dea. Geesh.

At potty time, Dea tried to go pee but nothing came out. Charla said she could try again later. As I rode a bike past the bathroom, I informed Charla that I also could just try later. Charla said I should try now anyway. Why on earth should I have to try the potty when Amadea didn't go pee?! This is unjust.

When it was time to get our snow pants on, Charla put Amadea's snow pants on first, and I wanted to be first. Charla said we had to take turns being first. I was so mad I kicked and screamed and threw things. Charla put me in a time out for a minute. I hate time-outs. But then she gave me a hug. That was alright I guess.

Leila was not being nice when it was time to go out. She pulled Dea's hair, and was hitting Charla. Leila didn't want to go outside, but the rest of us wanted to go out, just for a little bit. Leila still said no. Even after a time-out, Leila was still being violent (I wonder if my parents even know about this). I told Charla the only way we could go out was if we strapped Leila into the stroller. Charla said I was right. I'm glad she knows how clever I am.

I said I wanted Charla to pull me in the wagon, because I was tired, but she said she couldn't pull a wagon and push a stroller at the same time. I wish I hadn't given her the stroller idea.

In the lobby, Leila kept throwing off her mitts. Charla kept telling her she needed to keep them on because it was freezing cold out. I showed Charla my mitts, still on my hands. "I'm being good." I reminded her. She agreed.

We didn't stay out for long because it was freezing cold, (and I think I overheard Charla say something about us being too crazy to take far). I was so good walking with Charla. I'm the biggest kid at the daycare, you know. That's why I'm so well-behaved.

Not like Leila. She still fusses a lot because she's two. I'm three. And I'm fine right now. But oh, that naughty Leila....

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