Friday, January 16, 2015

Toronto Home Daycare Life

I got to play one-on-one with this handsome dude yesterday. (Leila and Noah had gone to the dentist, Maryam had not yet arrived, and Dea's on vacay!) He was incredibly sweet. At one point he said to me, "I like spending time with you." He also often says, "I love you." He really knows how to make my heart sing. :)

Later, Maryam organized my pots, pans, and tupperware for me. She is often in the kitchen with me when I clean up from meals, and of course, loves to explore! The blue straps you see hanging are so that I can lock two larger cupboards that are off limits. And I have had to lock these for Maryam. Even though I'm there with her, and try to keep those cupboards closed, she insists (as all babies do), and it's impossible to hold them closed while washing dishes! 

Babies (and older kids, if they wish) are allowed to go through the tupperware cupboard, and two bottom drawers. It's great to be able to say "yes" to some of this exploration. There are enough "no"'s in the kitchen area! Plus, I prefer to keep the wee ones closer to me during clean-up, if possible.

Daycare selfie! I was getting water for these two munchkins after nap time one afternoon, when they insisted on immediate hugs. So, we sat on the kitchen floor, cuddled, and looked at some pictures of them on my phone. Thomas wanted to take more pictures, so here you are. 

There is just enough snow for tobogganing at Lithuania Park. We have had limited days to enjoy it though, because of the extreme cold. Here are the kids on one of the 'warmer' days.

Maryam got a little sleigh ride around the park with her new friends. She so loves to be with the gang! I am truly amazed at how fast children bond.

Little angel. :)

These two are apparently having something to eat after driving to (using the little bike and little car) and shopping in, Walmart. Thomas has his wallet on his lap. Leila has her car keys, and a piece of play lettuce, of course.

We do not teach religion at the daycare. We did do Christmas and Hannukah crafts. Is this why it looks like Santa has converted to Orthodox Judaism? Has Thomas integrated the two? Ahhh...wouldn't it be great to integrate all religions? You are clearly ahead of your time, wise Thomas. Remember where you first saw it, folks. Never underestimate the dress-up bin. ;)

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