Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Baby Maryam's First Day at Daycare

So, she was only with us for half a day today, but baby Maryam is already quite comfortable joining our daycare family, and all of us are thrilled to welcome her!

After snack, I brought Maryam into the kitchen and gave her a basket of toys to look at, so I could keep an easy eye on her while I cleaned up the dishes. The other children quickly joined her. I love this sequence of photos, because Amadea had just noticed (or perhaps remembered) that she had a boo-boo on her hand. I could not see even a scratch, but she was very concerned about it.

I kissed it for her anyway, and she was finally able to resume playing, despite her wound. ;) She sometimes gets concerned over a loose piece of skin, so this was not abnormal behaviour for this little munchkin! (Oh the daycare dramas!)

But back to our newbie...isn't she beautiful and precious?! She is a very good crawler, and an even better talker! The kids love her already!

We did music circle together. Maryam sang and danced a little, but her focus was on exploration. In the bottom right picture, Leila is holding our Mr. Sun prop and gently touching Maryam's head for the verse "These little children are asking you..." It was very endearing.

At one point Thomas was making silly sounds and Maryam was having a good laugh! I tried to capture it on camera, though I didn't quite get the precise moment. I think Maryam is especially interested in Thomas. (But who isn't?!) She kept staring at him like he's a rock star. :) Anyway, here's a little clip of our music circle. What a beautiful little addition to our gang!

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