Friday, February 20, 2015

Family Day at the CN Tower

I haven't done one of these family posts in ages; it's been strictly daycare. However, I have these beautiful photos of a wonderful day, that I'd like to share.

I hadn't been to the CN Tower in years, and Noah and Leila have never been, so it seemed like a fun excursion for Family Day.

Even on one of the most frigid days of our Canadian winter, it is amazing to see how beautiful Toronto is.

Lake Ontario was especially pretty.

What was also great, was that the CN Tower was not crowded at all. (Hmmm....could that be because it is ridiculously overpriced? Anyway, it worked for us!)

The glass floor was awesome. Leila was definitely a little nervous.

But not this crazy guy! (Obligatory "lying down on the glass floor" photo.)

You know what was really crazy though? The fact that we spent the majority of the time in Kids Zone. On the surface, this may not seem odd. It's just that the Kids Zone was extremely....minimalist.

It was a tiny playground that didn't seem fitting for something as monumental as the CN Tower It didn't matter though, because the kids had a great old time playing here. And the bonus: Dan and I got to sit and relax, and watch them play from the comfort of a nice soft couch, coffee in hand.

The day was very fun, and different from the usual. Lots of good memories. I hope everyone had a fun Family Day too!

Oh, and here is a cheesy family photo that I paid an obscene amount of money for! It doesn't even make sense. We're supposed to be at the CN Tower, yet the CN Tower is off in the distance, in the backdrop of the picture. I still love it. It's hilarious! When in Rome....right? Right? :)

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