Monday, February 9, 2015

Winter Fun!

Before we get to the outside portion, here is a cute picture of the 3 amigos. Still the best of friends! They are taking 5, and having a little snack. 

This is my baby girl's first time in the big swing!

We continue to enjoy sledding, and playing at the park. One day, we decided to play right outside our building. I helped them to very quickly make a little snowman. Their attention spans are so short, I knew I didn't have much time! (Plus, the snow hasn't been the greatest packing snow.) So here they are, posing with their tiny snowman friend. :)

And here they are pretending they are polar bears. I'm so glad that Leila now really enjoys playing in the snow. Her friends showed her just how fun it could be!

Marcus does NOT like getting dressed to go out, but is pretty content once we finally get outside. (It's quite the extensive preparation, as you can imagine, getting 5 kids ready to play in the snow.)

Maryam was ill on this day. Amadea missed a couple days due to illness too. It's constantly making the rounds. Noah finished a cold, and immediately picked up a new one. I had a cold but am lucky I haven't suffered from anything too intense this winter (knock on wood).

Marcus also always has a snooze while we're out. He's such a little guy...he still requires his 2 naps. I love giving him snuggles. When I hold him, I feel like I'm holding 4-month-old Noah! I know he can't be that small, but it's just my impression (and Noah has always been a big boy!).

Here is Thomas rolling, and rolling, and rolling in the snow. If you look to the left of him, you can actually see a long path that shows where he started rolling. That kid's got energy!

Now, inside for some baking! I get excited about any old excuse to celebrate something with the kids. Thus, we are engrossed in Valentine's day preparations.

I couldn't do everything with two little babies to care for, so Leila, Noah and I baked heart-shaped cookies on the weekend.

We also baked and decorated cupcakes for Valentine's Day.

Today, we decorated some of the cookies with the daycare kids (Noah will have to do it separately after school). Maryam even had a little taste!

They were allowed to eat one small, decorated cookie. We are saving the rest to share with family and friends - oh and some for Friday, when we'll be having a Valentine's lunch!

I leave you with a video of two little friends in the making. :)

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