Friday, February 27, 2015

Toronto's Deep Freeze No Fun for Little Kids!

If you're a Torontonian, I don't have to convince you how cold a winter this has been. It has probably been close to 10 days that I have opted not to take any of the children outside. And it has probably been closer to 15 days that I have chosen to keep the babies in with my helper, while I take the bigger, hardier guys out.

Some of the frigid days we have gone out, are definitely shorter in duration than our usual time outside. We throw ourselves into it when we're out. Thomas is the polar bear, always ready to tackle a snow bank! I love watching him in the snow because it takes me back to my childhood and all the fun I had outside.

Leila seems to get cold the fastest, and if I don't get her in promptly, she will have a meltdown. And I mean she will COMPLETELY lose it, so that it's a struggle just to get her anywhere what with all the flailing around. :) So, recently (especially February which has been particularly cold) we have stayed close to home. Yesterday when we attempted to go out, it was Amadea who promptly spoke up and said "Go home". This was followed by an episode from Leila. I should have heeded Dea's warning sooner! Next week should be more bearable. I am aching to play in the snow with these guys! A big snowfall, and a temperature around 0 Celsius sounds devine to me! (Don't hate me - I don't have to drive to work and so have a very different outlook on snow than commuters do!)

Here are some pictures of cozier times.

The photo below is probably one of my all-time favourite pics. But I know, I say that a lot.

Cutest Mickey and Minnie ever!

Today we did some painting at the easel. 

I had two babies away, and Leila was so tired she asked to have a morning nap, so it was a very quiet morning!

Thomas was extremely into painting today! He was describing his paintings to me. They involved bad guys and good guys. It was great to see his creative juices flowing!

When Amadea finished painting, he wanted to switch to her side of the easel, just for fun. Then he had a great idea: hand prints!

But why stop there? He wanted to do foot prints too!

We didn't go further than that because it's really not body painting kind of weather. :) I'm not opposed to the idea though, and we have done that before at the daycare. Kids are washable, so why not?

I love that this was all his idea. And I was able to indulge him!

Then he went back to painting....

Amadea wanted to sit on my lap and watch him. Perfect opportunity for her first selfie! She is growing up so fast! She is sweet and beautiful (and not to mention, smart as a whip) and I truly adore her. In June, she will be a big sister! I think she's ready for the role. ;)

But really, at the end of all the fun and games, ya gotta clean up. It's a hard knock life, you know. They made me laugh when they did this, because they look like some sort of organized cleaning crew with their headgear and all! Have a great weekend, everyone!

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