Thursday, March 12, 2015

Daycare Developments

Marcus is becoming much more comfortable with the group. It is so great to see him bonding with the gang! He was my little shadow for the first few weeks and needed lots of extra cuddles, but now I find he is often eager to explore and play. Amadea really adores him, and has been working very hard to bond with him. It is finally paying off! I can see that he now feels very safe with her. He looks so grateful when she gives him a toy. He seems to enjoy it even more just because it was chosen by her. ;)

I forgot to put the above pictures in my last post. They are of that day that we made a pretend zoo in the apartment. Leila and Dea are snapping pictures of the lion in her den!

I don't really know what to say about the pic above, but I just thought it was cute and had to include it.

I was trying to take a picture of Marcus because he looked so darned cute in his Batman onesie, but it was hard to do, because he kept coming closer to climb on me and give hugs! (even better!) As you can see, some other hams came in the shot. So cute!

Finally got one! Irresistible, no?!

Marcus is still on two naps a day. His first hap is usually in the wagon. 

He loves meal time. Here he is enjoying blueberries, raspberries, and an assortment of other things. But his face tells it all: mostly he is enjoying the blueberries and raspberries. And apparently he thinks he is too cool to wear a bib. ;)

Here is our other little itty bitty sunshine, Maryam! She is a happy, happy girl! She is talking like crazy, mostly baby talk, but there are some discernible words in there. She's sneaky though. She has a way of making you think it was all in your head. Often, I say to the other kids, "Did she just say cracker?" "Did she just say Hi Leila?!"

Aaaaaand Marcus asleep again. Such an angel!

I haven't had the kids in the swings in what feels like forever, but we have been inspired by the balmy near 0 degree Celsius weather. Tom usually goes in the big kid swings now, but wanted to join his friends in the baby swings. How did he grow so fast?!

And my own little baby is growing so fast too! She's a tall girl now!

Aaaand more sleeping Marcus. Sorry, but he just looks so cute!

Maryam is not too crazy about the swings. She likes a little swing, but then she's had enough. She is such an adventurous and spirited little girl. (I've always said her spirit is 1000 times the size of her little body!) I really wish she could roam around at the playground, but snowsuits are too constrictive, and she can't do much. When the temperature gets closer to 10 degrees Celsius, she can put on some rain pants instead, and be free to explore!

Check out the photo below. To Maryam, Thomas is still the man.

Yes, he really is kissing her. She has made him fall in love with her. He really adores her! And I didn't notice until I enlarged this picture on the blog, but on the right you can see Amadea assisting Marcus with his formula. Omg, I love these kids! Such a tight-knit little family!

I had Leila and Tom do a counting activity this week. They had to put one Cheerio on each of the objects in a square, and then count how many Cheerios there were. Tom is an expert counter, so it was awesome to have him helping Leila. Leila is into letters, and can read simple words, but at this point, she just doesn't seem interested in numbers. Hopefully Tom can help to inspire her!

Spring is coming! It really is! Here's a few cute shots of the kids as we walked back from the library.

I hope these three can be friends forever!

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