Monday, March 23, 2015

March Break with the Munchkins!

On Monday we went to the Annette Street library. First we visited the upstairs area, and got some more books and videos. Then we went down to the drop-in. The kids did music circle, played with toys, and had the snack which is served by the centre. Dr. Leila gave me a check-up, and I guess I wasn't doing too well, because she had to give me many, many needles. That seemed to make me all better though. ;)

Noah and Leila's nanny was visiting this past weekend, and gave Noah (among other things) a face-painting kit. We tried it out on Monday! He and his friend both wanted to be tigers. Isn't he a handsome little tiger?!

Here's a picture I took while having dinner with the beasts. Leila was pretty brave to ask me to paint an ice cream cone on her cheek!

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we had Riley at the daycare. Everyone is always so happy to have her visit. It is too bad that Thomas was away this week and missed her, but I'm sure he was enjoying himself just fine on the beach in Florida!

As of this past weekend, I am all ready for Easter with the kiddies! Here are Leila and Riley donning some of the bunny gear I got.

Riley is growing up so fast. When I commented that she was wearing a t-shirt of her favourite colour, black, she said, "Black is not my favourite colour anymore. Gold is. Because black is not a colour, Charla. It's a shade." And the way she stated this was so sophisticated. Her tone said "I'm trying to help you understand, Charla." It was absolutely adorable, and clever at the same time!

I love these shots of the kids playing. A rare and sweet period of calm, quiet play!

Later on, when the others were napping, Riley wanted me to paint her as a lion. There were no pictures of painted lion faces in the face-painting kit, so we looked on the internet and found one she liked. I know, looks a lot like the tiger face. :) So sweet!

Conditions were treacherous at Lithuania Park and High Park last week. At High Park, Leila slipped on the ice and got a bloody lip. So we really wanted to find a safer area to play with the wee ones. On Monday, we had seen Noah's teacher at the library drop-in, with his family, and he reccommended Baird Park. So on Wednesday we tried it and it was much, much better!

We played restaurant. Initially it was Leila running the restaurant. When I came to her establishment, I ordered pizza. She informed me that they didn't have pizza. I asked her what she had, then. She said, "Mac and cheese".  I waited, thinking that she was pausing to think of more menu items, but no, this was it. So, mac and cheese it was!

In the photos above, though, Noah and Riley are running the restaurant, and Leila, Dea and I are the customers. Of course, Leila is ordering mac and cheese.

Noah got to go to both the ROM one day and the Science Centre another day this week with his friends! But we had the pleasure of his company for three of the days, and two of the mornings before he left on his adventures. One day we made dinosaur cookies.

The next day we iced them.

Once they had dried, Noah worked on the stenciling part. It was a little tricky!

Ta-da! I think they turned out pretty well!

The Easter activities are starting! Leila spent time colouring paper Easter eggs. She is becoming better at colouring, and spent longer on this than on any other colouring activity.

Although spring is officially here, the weather hasn't gotten the memo yet. Still, you can feel that it's coming, in the air: the way the sun is shining, the way the birds are singing, and just the fact that we can remove our mitts now and then!

You can tell that everyone in Toronto is excited about the coming of spring, and we are no different! We busted out the warmer weather outdoor toys, like chalk. 

And it was a joy to play hide-and-seek with Amadea and Leila. 

They are so nice, and always go so easy on me when I'm it. :)

Leila and Amadea got started on painting eggs, though we didn't want to do too much without Thomas. We have saved the better egg dying kit to do with him this week.

They painted some very beautiful eggs! I can't wait to have some more beauties for our dining room table. :)

Last, but not least, I present you with the fashionistas.

Maryam, in particular, was into the sunglasses. Forgive me if I've already spoken of this (because I speak of her skill so often that I can't remember if I actually wrote about it too), but Maryam can sing the first line of "Ba Ba Black Sheep." Not the precise words, but the precise tune. Perhaps you are amazed with this, but if you're not, you should be. I've been around a lot of babies and I have never known one yet that could do this at 14-months! Actually, she's been doing it for over a month now, so probably closer to 12 or 13 months! It's phenomenal. Please remember us 'little people' when you are a famous singer one day, Maryam!

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