Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Celebration Preparations

Here is some of Noah's extensive road work. He had main roads connecting to highways, some of which were overpasses. Noah is, and always has been extremely interested in maps. He probably knows how to get around most of Toronto a lot better than I do (sad I know, but I cannot lie). He is constantly looking at Google Maps, on his I-Pad. He has already been exploring New York City, where we will be vacationing in August. We figure this will be 90% helpful, 10% oppressive. :)

We had a pirate join us for lunch last week! He prefers to be called Jake (and the Neverland Pirates). Arrrrrrgh!

Leila later joined Thomas in dressing up. She is Princess Tigger, of course!

Just plain sweet. :)

So, apparently I planned for a few too many kids for our Easter Egg hunt on Wednesday. Here we have a hoarder's supply of baskets.

AND basket heads!

Actually, Thomas has a wagon on his head. What?

We haven't been to the drop-in at Indian Road Public School for a while. I especially haven't wanted to bring the babies there. They are already unimpressed with getting all their winter gear on, I couldn't see the point of undressing them and dressing them an extra time. At least now I feel that they are accustomed enough to the daycare that they really would enjoy a visit to a drop-in. When it warms up a little, and we are at least foregoing the snow pants, our big gang will all go together.

So anyway, the bigger kids begged me last week to take them to this drop-in. Their wish was granted.  Here they are enjoying gym time.

And here they are running around at the end of gym time. Fun!

Did you know that Leila likes spaghetti? Now you do.

We've been doing a few Easter crafts. This one we did is a 2-dimensional paper woven Easter basket, with eggs. It was extremely hard for this age group, but I just helped them big time. Thomas, for one, liked all the extra help. As I was helping him, he said, "I like spending time with you like this, Charla/" That stuff just melts my heart! 

It is a very beautiful craft, but very time-consuming! Thank goodness they stayed focused for the long haul! (Although we did break it up into a couple of days.)

We also did a much easier, very age-appropriate chick craft.

Here is their beautiful work on display, on the front door.

We are still in the midst of decorating these paper eggs. First the kids did potato prints on them using paint. Now that they are dry, we will be adding stickers to give them more detail.

Of course, we also did our annual egg dying.

Last week we baked Leila's birthday cake for her daycare kids party. We try to make Noah a part of things whenever we can. It can be challenging though, since he's at school all day, and I do need to get dinner ready shortly after he gets home.

But where are the babies?!?! You may be asking that. We've tried bringing them up for a few of the activities, but they aren't really into it yet. Sometimes, they'll enjoy a snack and watch the bigger kids. Usually though, they'd rather be free to roam around. They do often stop by the dining room table to sneak a peak, and make sure we aren't enjoying a fabulous snack without them. :)

The best part of the birthday cake preparation is adding the frosting and the sprinkles though! I let the kids lick the spoons or spatulas they used to spread the icing on the cake, once we were done.

Check out the classic picture below. Thomas is furious that he's been cut off from eating the icing. (He had finished his own spoon, and was moving on to Leila's. Plus, I had noticed him consuming just a tad bit much, even before this, and unfortunately we were doing this activity at a great time; right before dinner.) If you look closely, you can see the icing around his lips. This photo will be one of my faves, forever!

So....now the photo shoot focuses on Leila and Dea. I have included the whole sequence of photos, because it gives the play-by-play of Amadea licking her spatula.

First, she eyes it closely.

She opens wide. (You can't take chances on missing any.)

She checks the status on the remaining icing. The crowd is silent. Amadea is completely focused.

Now, apparently at this point, it had been licked clean, because I later saw this little monkey sneaking some icing from the side of the pan.

Oops. Actually, it was caught on camera.

One of these days she and Tom are going to realize they can work together on their shenanigans. Then we're in trouble! :)

Coming soon to this blog; a birthday post, AND an Easter post! I can barely keep up with the amount of photos I'm taking recently, but it's a beautiful daycare life! :)

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