Friday, March 6, 2015

High Park Zoo, Building Forts and Random Acts of Cuteness

We had Riley over for a play date this week. Leila had been asking for Play Dough, so we went with it. Oh what insanity. A mess of Play Dough to clean up so that I could get their dinner on the table, and while I did this, they trashed the rest of the living room! But everyone was happy, so it was well worth it!

We made a pretend zoo this week, with stuffed animals in their "cages". This is the bunny hutch. ;)

And here are the visitors to the zoo, taking photos.

We also pretended to have lunch at the McDonald's in the zoo. The kids had their babies at the table too!

We actually hadn't planned this beforehand, but the next day, we decided to go to the High Park Zoo.

Leila was a little hesitant to near the fence when we first arrived, but got a little braver later in the visit.

We kept going up to the animals and introducing ourselves. We joked that the animals were being rude and not talking to us. Thomas reminded me that animals don't talk.

There was a sweet little baby calf. So fluffy and new!

Here we are talking to the Llamas.

Thomas asked me to make a "bad guy house", and I'm so glad he did. How awesome is this?!

We put the toy house door at the entrance. The babies loved it too!

Here's where the cool kids hang out. :)

And here's a random video. It just shows the outside world what a home daycare looks like, at times, on the inside. I think it's cute. And messy. But good-messy.

This is Marcus's favourite toy. Maryam joined him for a little chit-chat. It's the baby equivalent of having coffee and catching up with a friend.

I am used to the insanity that can be a home daycare. We go through so many different kinds of moments through the day. Kids are intense. Intensely happy, silly, sad, angry, etc. Usually the day balances out pretty well. But every once in a while, just like everyone else, we can have a really rough day; one when this balance is tremendously off. And that's what yesterday was like. I don't remember a day within the last couple of years that was this challenging! I say this because I like to share the behind the scenes view of running a home daycare; to bring insight and to share with others, especially those running a home daycare, or wondering what it's like. Well, today we were back to our regular level of insanity, the regular intense highs and lows. Here is a video of one of our highs. I love this gang!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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