Thursday, April 9, 2015

Little Leila Ballerina

I have to post about one of the most heart-warming things I have ever witnessed: Leila's first ballet class last weekend!

Actually, it was her first class of any sort on her own. We had only done Guardian Swim together last fall, so I wasn't sure if she would be super clingy or brave and excited. I was delighted to see that she was more or less the latter!

She was a little shy at first. She stood apart from the group, and watched the other students follow the teacher's directions. Every so often, she would wave at Noah and I and quietly say, "Hi".

Eventually, the girl next to her had a conversation with her. Although I wasn't close enough to hear it, it was pretty obvious that the girl was inquiring why Leila wasn't participating, and also encouraging her to do so.

Leila slowly started to come around.

I was in tears laughing at how endearing it all was.  The little girl who had been encouraging Leila earlier tried to make her feel even more accepted. At first, as you see in the video below, Leila is still a little shy. Still, it feels good to make a friend in such a new environment.

Isn't this the cutest thing?

She looks hesitant and excited at the same time. I was thrilled to be able to see her first class. It made my heart incredibly happy. I just had Noah with me, and neither of us could stop laughing at how cute they all were! Next week they boot all the parents out of the room so they can work towards their final show. As you can imagine, I cannot wait!!

I am excited for her to try all sorts of sports and activities in the future, and to find out which ones she likes best. (I think she wants to try soccer next.) For now, I will enjoy seeing her little spirit expressed through ballet. And what a wonderful little spirit she is!

Proud Mama

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