Friday, April 10, 2015

Young Musical Talent

I was speaking in an earlier post about Marcus's expert ability on the drums at 14 months.

But don't take my word for it. See for yourself!

Isn't he amazing? He's just so comfortable sitting on the little stool and playing his heart out. What a little expert!

By the way, just as an aside, this was the row of babies Leila was setting up. Yes, we have accumulated far too many dollies, but we can safely say that we will NEVER have a shortage at this daycare!

We have others who are learning the drums. On Leila's birthday, the kids took turns playing the drums while the others sat in the audience. It was adorable.

Noah has just started private singing lessons (his choice). He has been singing pretty much constantly, his whole life. He creates his own songs, and organizes them into different CD's in his mind. My favourite of his CD's is "The Leila CD". They are VERY good, catchy songs! Leila loves all his songs as well, and is definitely his back-up singer. Here they are singing in the back seat of our rental car in Israel last March (2014). Noah wrote this song in Israel, and they still sing it to this day!

Noah wrote this just after Leila learned to (finally) walk, at 23 months. Here are the Lyrics, in case you'd like to sing along too.. :)

Pretty little girl in a pretty little dress
Walking around in a pretty little dress
No one knows why she's walking sooooo
And she's walking now, yeah!
And she's walking now

Amadea has recently been singing a lot, and you already know about Maryam's savant musical abilities. Thomas is a very established, confident singer, like Noah. I will try to capture some of the others' musical ability. It's hard to capture everything, though I know you'd admit I come pretty darn close! Haha! Have a rocking weekend, all!

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