Friday, April 17, 2015


I tried to get a good picture of the group today. It was extremely difficult, as you can imagine. Someone was always looking the wrong way. Thomas had very important things to say. And none of them would stop eating! lol Seriously, these kids eat A LOT! And please excuse my language, but I have to say it: Marcus looks so badass! Don't mess with this little guy. I even feel a little intimidated looking at this pic. He's really staring me down! :)

Okay, that's friendlier, Marcus. :)

It was a beautiful day to play in High Park today.

I am so impressed with the 3 bigger kids on the play structures. It's like night and day from last year! Amadea especially wowed me today. She inspired Thomas and Leila to try the biggest twirly slide on their own. That is a first!

Then she moseyed over to the sand box and made perfect sand castles all by herself, as if she'd been doing it for years! When kids gain new skills, it seems so sudden, like it has happened overnight.

Amadea has gained a lot more confidence in recent months. And throughout the day, she'll get my attention by saying "Watch me, Char", or "Look me Char!" I told her one of my favourite things to see her do is jumping. She's like a little bunny, hopping along! I adore her. She is the sweetest little thing!

Look at this little adventurer! Maryam tackled these stairs with ease, and for the most part, preferred to then go down the stairs on the other side, rather than the slide.

She did love going down the slide too though. All the slides seemed pretty slow going, so I was okay with her doing her "extreme sport" thing, which in this scenario, at one point, involved her surfing head first, on her tummy, down the slide. (Disclaimer: she was "spotted" the whole time. My old cheerleading days have really come in handy with this!)

And here's Tommy just racing through the park.

I managed to get him to stop a moment for a photo. But it had to be a silly face photo. Love it!

Who are these old fogies? Oh wait. It's Thomas and Leila!

Yep. Ma and Pa playing some old time music. :)

I bought Leila a few hats for the summer. It's the cutest thing to see her in them! She's got a lot going on in this photo, but then, such is the nature of their pretend play. There are dollies in baskets, dollies in backpacks, hats, sunglasses, swords, food - you name it. If there's a way they can carry it, they will lug it around!

Noah learned to balance on a bike this week! This is VERY exciting news!

And little sis is getting very good on her tricycle!

Spring is finally here. Yippee!

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