Monday, April 6, 2015

Leila Turns 3!

Leila's actual birthday fell on a daycare day, so it was the perfect opportunity to hold a party for her with her friends!

She got this beautiful dress from her Aunt Krista, the day before, when we had her family party. She was hell bent of wearing it for her special day!

Beautiful birthday princess. :) I can't believe she's 3 already!

In the morning, we made Cheerio necklaces. Well, every kid except Noah felt it to be a little too challenging. I misjudged the appropriateness of the activity for the age group, just like I did with the basket craft. Oh well, lesson learned! It would be a better activity to do for her 5th birthday.

I kept Noah home to enjoy Leila's party. When I was a teacher, I probably wouldn't have liked a parent who kept their child from my classroom unnecessarily. I didn't want the child to miss any learning! But, I just figured, it's only grade 1, he's doing great already, and life's too short.

Ta-da! Time to eat the necklace!

Leila got this new drum set for her birthday, from her big brother. Marcus's mother had told me that Marcus had a drum set like this at home, and boy, did that ever become obvious fast! This kid knows what he's doing on the drums! I will post a video of him playing in a separate post. You'll see!

When Leila saw Noah's completed necklace, she really wanted to complete hers. I helped her to finish it. 

She didn't even want to eat it. She just wanted to wear it for a moment, and that was enough for her.

Leila chose Frozen themed cups, plates, etc, to use for her birthday lunch. The kids also got their loot bags.

It had to be her favourite lunch: jam on toast! The big kids all had to eat their cucumber as well, before they could have a slice of birthday cake. The babies didn't seem to know they weren't getting birthday cake. I always try to get the teeny ones to forego the sweets if we can get away with it!

Happy birthday, sweet Leila!!

Yep, even Frozen candles!

But, we had forgotten one essential part of a kids' birthday party: party hats! *Gasp!* Oh no!!!

Phew. Muuuuuch better!

How cute is this?! The littlest partiers! Marcus looks like he's been partying a little too hard. ;) It's avocado. He loves to eat it. He also loves to spread it around...especially into his hair! And in this photo he is earnestly trying to grab either the cheese on the table, the banana on the table, or his own tray to pull it off. Maryam balances this mild panic with peace and serenity. She is the yin to his yang.

Yum! The kids made delicious cake!

After naps, we played Pass the Parcel. I put on some music, and every time I paused the music, whoever was holding the present would unwrap a layer, take the little gift inside (for our first round, it was Frozen bracelets, second round was lollipops), and move out of the circle.

The babies were even able to participate in this activity, with a little help!

We had enough for each of the bigger kids to get 2 Frozen bracelets. The babies did not care about the prizes. They were content to listen to the music and to be involved in the game.

For our second round, everyone got a lollipop once they unwrapped a layer of the parcel. (Except the babies. They eventually tired of the game though anyway.)

After Pass the Parcel, we all played Pin the Tail on the Donkey! (Yes, it was a real throwback party!)

No blindfold's gonna stop this guy from enjoying his lollipop!

All in all, a successful party for my beautiful little princess. :)

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