Thursday, November 19, 2015

November News

We went to Indian Rd. Public School for the drop in the other week. It was Marcus's first time and he loved it! (Especially the water table)

I can't believe this kid of about 22 months can catch a ball 90% of the time. He's good!

More pictures of us enjoying glorious weather at High Park.

Notice Marcus's new hair cut - his first ever! Doesn't he look handsome?

 The fad of hanging out in closets is back in style at the daycare.

I had just the two big girls one day last week, so we took a trip to the library.

Best friends. :)

How lovely is Dea?!

Noah and Leila (and friend) in their pillow house last week.

Maryam is still taking excellent care of Mickey.

Leila had been begging me to go to Vine Parkette (a.k.a. Choo Choo Playground). So we went. There were cars for everyone!

It was a P.A. day, so Noah, his buddy, and our basket-ball came too.

And here I go again with the leaves. :)

Queen of the leaves, sitting in her leaf throne.

Mr. Handsome again. Sorry, some of these pics are a little out of order.

Thomas's little brother Drew has been coming for short visits, in order to ease into daycare life.

Getting used to being without mommy is tough, but I think he will adapt rather quickly. I notice that keeping him away from, or distracting him from the front door cheers him up, since he is not reminded of the departure of his mommy.

He is a sweety!!!

His big brother Thomas, and his mother joined us at the Santa Claus parade last weekend. It was fantastic weather, and we all had a wonderful time!

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