Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween is THE BEST!

Noah tried his costume on the day before his school Halloween party. Leila and Amadea were pretty frightened at first, and clung to me for dear life. :)

Here, Leila is accustomed to her skeleton-zombie transformed bro.

Isn't she a beautiful Snow White?!

After Marcus arrived on our Halloween party day, I got him into his costume. But I could only get him to keep the mask on for as long as it took me to take this picture!

See? Here we go. That's okay, he's the cutest Batman ever, without the mask. His face is just so gorgeous!

And the cape, so you get the full effect.

Hi Batman!

And then the cutest little owl arrived.

Complete with wings.

Maryam and Marcus putting faces on the pumpkins.

Oh hello! Why, there's a little owl in my kitchen!

Omg. The cuteness.

Annual Halloween group photo. Marcus would rather be doing other things. Maryam actually IS doing other things.

Marcus: "That's it, lady. I'm outta here."

Time for the ghost toss game!

Batman took on the job of running the game. By the way, I know I say this a lot, but how incredibly cute and precious is he here?! I can't even.

My heart is smiling looking at these photos.

Time to play a game of Halloween Tic Tac Toe with Leila. It is a little tricky when others are moving your game pieces around, but a simple enough game that we managed. :)

We had an early lunch: ghost pitas and jack-o-lantern toasted pitas (they tasted better than they looked).

We sang Raffi's "5 Little Pumpkins song", using our little pumpkins. Leila and I had brought these little pumpkins to life the night before with Mr. Potato Head pieces.

Maryam was crazy about the ghosts.

Marcus's mother brought everyone a little treat bag. So nice! Everyone got to choose one treat.

Checking out some bugs. Perfect Halloween activity.

We went to the park to wait for Noah's school costume parade.

We saw Riley! She was a Raven Princess.

Here's Noah, not so dressed up.

Later on, we wrapped Dea up as a mummy!

Mummies like to eat apples, apparently.

Noah got a chance to play ghost toss after school.

Meatball spiders on a web of spaghetti for dinner.

Notice, we dined with our mummy.

I wrapped Leila up as a mummy, but she immediately wanted the fun of busting out of the toilet paper suit. Can't say I blame her!

We made some progress with Maryam, but I finally gave up. :)

Happy Halloween!

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