Monday, November 23, 2015

Tents and Trains

Choo choo! We made an awesome train with the dining room chairs last week.

Marcus had just discovered the measuring cups at the back of the kitchen drawer that he's allowed to rummage through, so that was a hot item for him at that moment. He had to bring it on the train.

Of course, Maryam's got Mickey, Leila's got her doll Mary, and Dea's got Simba. And now it's Dea's turn to drive the train!

I love little Marcus in the shot below!

Next, they pretended to be at a Movie theatre, watching Frozen, of course!

Mickey's outdoor time.

There was a lot of fort building last week, as well! So fun!

The sun coming through the window often bleaches out some of my photos.

Amadea and Leila like to collect as many things as they can (mostly stuffed animals), and hoard them in their tent, or the closet, or any small space, really.

Maryam figures this looks like a nice big cozy bed! Actually, her and Marcus were having a great time climbing over this single layer of cushions. It was a mini playground for them.

Later, it was Maryam and Mickey's turn in the little house tent.

...while the big girls expand their real estate.

Eventually, all three girls hang in the little house tent.

Marcus doesn't see what the big deal is with the tents. I think he realizes that he has free reign of all the toys 'on the floor' while the others are cozied up in the tent (except for the toys the girls hoard. lol.

I told ya, they like small spaces. ;) No claustrophobia here.

Actually, they had emptied the toy bin, and then got in. At this point, Maryam began putting all the toys back in. They thought this was hilarious and exciting. Leila especially likes when I pretend she's a toy. I call her a giant dolly.

Fun at the park during more warm, gorgeous November weather. Maryam demanded a leaf blanket and pillow again. And we all chilled under the playground.

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