Monday, November 9, 2015

The Mickey Mouse Club

We took our stuffed animals on a special trip to Chelsea playground last week.

Maryam takes such good care of Mickey Mouse. She even fed him her cheese sandwich at the picnic table.

She often demands to wear her rain boots when there is not a cloud in sight. That's her prerogative.

Kicking the slide to make a loud noise is so much fun!

Dea swings with Simba, while Leila holds the cat.

The combination of being on the swing WHILE holding Mickey brings Maryam much joy. :)

Amadea taught Leila a new way to swing.

Maryam often requests that I make her a blanket and a pillow out of leaves.

What a beautiful first week of November it was; so nice that we could run around without our coats on.

Dea paints while Leila does her work book. (while babies nap)

Marcus and Maryam got a chance to paint too. I didn't get a pic of Maryam, bc she was so quick, but Marcus was into it for a long time, an did 3-4 paintings!

Leila is all about puzzles these days. She's getting very good! I've also noticed Dea improving at them too now, since she often joins Leila.

Marcus seems like such a big boy lately!

Here, Maryam watches as I give Mickey Mouse an under-doggie on the swing.

Later, Mickey AND Maryam got under-doggies together!

I tried to capture the beauty of the tree "raining leaves" but couldn't quite get it in the photo.

Caught this beauty though!

This is where they often hang out after dinner. They call it jail, except in their version jail is a great, happy place.

And this is what kids have been doing at the daycare for years. Once a puzzle is complete, they dance on it!

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