Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Cooperating Kids

More work on Christmas crafts!

It is prudent to wear sunglasses when decorating paper Christmas stockings. Maryam knows this.

It is also a good idea to keep your beloved "choo choo" close by while doing a craft. Marcus isn't taking any chances.

Marcus loved the glitter so much, but finally had to be cut off. I don't think I've ever let an under 2-year-old use glitter. Considering his age, he did pretty well!

Leila kindly shared her Frozen umbrella with her friends. Isn't this the cutest?

Mmmm...grapes under an umbrella with your good buddy. Life is good.

That's Amadea under that Hello Kitty umbrella.

We went for a drive-by swing. We've played at this swing on High Park Avenue before. What a nice thing for people to do! You can't swing too high though, because you could bang into the tree, or fall on the road. But it's great just to play around on for a bit!

Marcus got some freedom from the wagon, and found every puddle he could!

Amadea gave Maryam a turn with her Hello Kitty umbrella, which was a really big deal, because it is very special to Amadea. I think Amadea was inspired by Leila's generosity with her umbrella. They all learn from each other, these kids.

These pics were taken just after Marcus's arrival one day. I had to snap a few photos. He just looks so cool! All he needs is a skateboard, or maybe a guitar. (He really LOVES guitars by the way, so there might be something to that!)

Baby Drew is with us full days now! This was his first ever outing with us.

I think he likes the leaves, and his new friends!

I know I've defended my excessive use of photos, but I enjoy laughing at myself in this regard too. There sure are a lot of photos of Drew in the swing! But every time I thought I could take one out of this blog, either Drew, Dea or Leila would have a different, awesome expression, and I just couldn't bear to!


And teamwork.

Aaaand, even though you could print up my pictures of Drew in the swing, and flip them really fast to create an animation video, I have saved you the hassle. Here is the footage. ;)

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