Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Sleep Stories

Forgot to include this picture of Drew sleeping on me in my last post! So cozy! But I'm really trying to get him accustomed to his play pen now. It's a process....lol

Dea putting her Popsicle stick star on the tree.

Drew being very unimpressed. (Actually, very tired.)

He sleeps far better outside....

Maryam has new Strawberry Shortcake bedding, just like Leila now! She was in love with Leila's bed, so we knew this would make her super happy!

Because I love pics of kids getting messy eating spaghetti!

Drew even scrounged for more on the ground after dinner. He found Leila's dropped bowl, with a few noodles in it. He had tons of spaghetti in his chair, but it just tastes so much better when you are in control of finding your own food, and have freedom of movement. ;)

Dea's really working on learning to swing on her own!

This little monkey already knows how to climb onto Leila's bed! At 10 months! I would say "we're in trouble", but I find the more agile they are, the better. He's pretty skilled already.

Marcus found a cool new place to sit and read some books. A reading nook, if you will. I guess a bin of stuffed animals is pretty comfy!

Marcus loves guitars so much, that Noah decided to put on a little show for the gang. I told him to stay behind the couch. Otherwise, Marcus might demand the guitar, and I don't think he'd ever give it back! :)

Little Drew rushes the stage. We have a sedate bunch when he's the only one in the mosh pit. ;)

Pics of my kids on their first skating outing of the season (Leila's first time ever).

Noah remembered fast.

Leila did amazing for her first time! She's going to learn fast!

Because my family is beautiful...

And I'm a proud mama. Noah opted out of sitting on Santa's lap this year. I think the penny will drop within the next year. He's already asking far too many questions. Oh, they do grow up so fast!

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