Monday, December 14, 2015

Ring Around the Rosie

We made a Menorah using a paper plate, a toilet paper roll, a paper towel roll, and lots of tape. I used a pen to poke holes in the top for the "candles" (which were actually straws with red flames taped to the end).

The kids helped to decorate it. Then, every day at either lunch or dinner, we put the appropriate number of candle straws in, depending on which day of Hannukah it was. We sang "On the first day of Hannukah, I put in my Menorah", to the tune of The Twelve Days of Christmas. Then we counted only the little candles, "One, Two" (as in the picture below), "Two little ca-andles, plus the Shamash". The Shamash is the tall candle, only used for lighting the others. So, there are 9 candles in a Menorah, but only 8 days of Hannukah. A little confusing for the kids, but I really think our awful, made-up song helped with that! :)

We decorated gingerbread cookies this year, instead of a gingerbread house. I still hope to decorate sugar cookies with the kids next week.

They are always allowed to eat one cookie, and to decorate as many as they want. This is as far as Marcus got with the decorating. Similar with Maryam. At this age, they don't believe in delayed gratification. ;)

This little guy has left our daycare as of Friday. :( But we know he is in great hands and that everyone will love him wherever he goes! We can't wait for him to come back and visit. (And it's only the first day he's been away. Yep, we love him to pieces!)

Drew watched from the sidelines. He is becoming a MUCH happier camper these days! With the exception of nap time. He hates nap time. :)


Leila and Dea did the number line last week. We started at 1 and counted, up, so they knew spatially where to put the next one. Next time I plan to make the activity a little trickier for them. I think they're ready!

Drew watches, in the stands, again. lol And of course, Maryam (the blur) jumps on the bed, while singing "No more monkeys jumping on the bed!" I love these guys!

Drew in the tents!

Drew in the swing! He LOVES nap time, if it's in the swing. ;)

Maryam loves underdoggies on the swing. She can't get enough!

When Drew is not in the swing, he is very active at the playground.

He took off for the hills one day. We all crawled behind him. He's a little adventurer!

I am just in awe of the beautiful weather we've had lately!

Here is one of the cutest firefighters I've even seen. She was running around singing the "Drive the Fire Truck" song we do at music circle. Big brother Noah was getting very irritated at this. Of course, she then made sure to sing a little louder, and a little longer. It was adorable.

This is where the cool kids hang!

And here is a video that is short and sweet! Till next time!

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