Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas Fun!

I'm late getting the Christmas time pics up, but here they are!

How adorable are these little fashionistas?!

This was when we had Riley over for a play date after school one day. Noah was looking for some good tunes on his I-Pad to play for the gang.

Leila and Dea doing a Christmas tree craft.

I brought Leila and Amadea to Noah's Christmas sing-a-long at his school. There was a bake sale at the back of the gym. Suddenly, Amadea and Leila stated that they were very hungry.

Spot Noah in the crowd. It was also PJ day at the school!

Selfie of the singers in the crowd. I also bought them light up reindeer noses in the gym. I love how Amadea's sporting hers on her forehead.

Then we came back and made Christmas cookies!

Drew handed out the baking supplies.

Maryam was so sick, but still found enough energy to help us with the cookies.

This was a few days later, when Maryam was beginning to feel much better. It's so nice when they're back to their old selves after a horrible illness.

Amadea helps with her Play Dough ice cream sundae.

Santa baby.

We had a few extra people over for Christmas cookie decorating day!

Over on the far right is Aidas. He was the very first kid to ever attend the daycare! He started when he was 10 months old, and stayed until he was almost 4. Needless to say, Noah and Aidas are still great buddies. They spent their formative years together. ;)

We also had Thomas for the day! So nice to have him. And Riley! She became pregnant in the morning, and proceeded to have 4 children. Not sure what child she was pregnant with in this photo, but she looks radiant.

We made some ornaments in the afternoon. Aren't they cute?

This is the end of the day, when there were 3 left. Riley requested that I take a photo of them like this.

I guess I'll finish the blog post with a little girl enjoying the outdoors. :)

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