Friday, March 4, 2016

Soul Food

Here is the gang on a very chilly, windy, snowy day. It was Tuesday, actually, you know, the day of THE GREAT STORM of 2016....which didn't really result in all that much snow.

This little snuggle bug was sick again this week. It's been a rough 2016 for her with colds.

I thought I'd include a pic of Noah. He is still a very important part of daycare life, from 8-8:30am and from 3:45-6pm. :)

Leila went out to lunch with her big sister yesterday. As I was cleaning up, I got called into the living room by Dea. "Charla, look!" she said. She knew I would fully appreciate THIS.

Here's a little video to boot.

Wow. It's been a while since this was done at the daycare. I remember Thomas and Riley doing this exact same thing. Drew came up with the idea, after rearranging the shoes and boots, and Amadea joined in!

Just because...

We made spring chicks this week!

Doesn't it feel so good when spring is just around the corner?!

So, Drew can climb onto the couch now. He's pretty good - he knows how to get on and off. Still, he likes to clown around and can't quite be trusted yet. Supervision and pillows...beyond that, there's no stopping him!

Another video of Drew being affectionate. I've seen him give these kisses to his big brother as well. He's so loving! Leila and Dea are so good with him though. They are like big sisters to him, and he's like a little brother to them. Drew is wowing me every day. I can't stop getting excited about how he's developing and learning so quickly. Joy!

The girls kept showing me their dance moves after lunch today. Eventually, I had to wash dishes, so I told them to perform for each other. There is some conversation here about the kind of dancing Dea is doing. Leila keeps guessing, "Ballet? Jazz? Hip Hop?" I'm not sure what the final verdict is, but Amadea's beautiful soul shines through in this video. Unbelievably precious. There will probably be more videos in the future as well. This is because I came across a video of Leila when she was not even 2. I was in awe, because I had completely forgotten how she was, how she sounded at that age. And I was so thankful to have that memory saved by video. Time goes so fast, kids change so fast, and I want to capture these beautiful fragments in time. For me, they are soul food. I hope they are, and prove to be for you as well; now, and in the years to come. And, I hope, more than anything, that they will also be treasures for the children themselves, when they're all grown up!

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