Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Grocery Store and Fire Hall Fun!

I've racked up quite a few pictures within only the first two days of March Break, so I figure I'll offload them early. ;)

First of all, we've got Noah! We traded him in for Drew, who is relaxing on a beach in Florida with his family, for the March Break.

Yesterday we went to No Frills, mainly to get eggs to dye later in the week (one of our annual Easter activities). We bought two packs of eggs, with 18 eggs in each carton (we are ambitious). There was much excitement, discussion, and argument upon purchasing the eggs, over who would push the button to bring the eggs over to us on the conveyor belt. Finally, we had to move over to the two conveyor belts next to us, where there were no cashiers, to play. We put one carton of eggs on each belt and took turns pressing the buttons. Oh those wild daycare kids, tearing up the town! ;) We did this for quite some time, but were smart enough to get out before we got kicked out. Save your dollars, folks; Disney World is over-rated. (I say as our family prepares for a trip to Disney in under a month. See, it's too late for us. lol)

Maryam would not let go of this umbrella. Not. For. One. Second.

Here's 007 - I mean Noah, hiding behind his umbrella. (By the way, it never actually rained while we were outside, but that didn't deter the children from using their umbrellas).


That is not just an umbrella sitting on a rocky driveway. Remember what I said about Maryam?

Yep, there she is! Maryam teaches the group to 'stop and smell the roses'. She is curious and delighted at almost everything she sees. It makes my heart so happy to watch her explore, outside.

Noah wanted me to sing the "Four Little Kids Sitting on a Bench" song. You know, the one where I say how many there are, and they take turns standing up so that I have to recount/restart the song. I think it was Maryam's first time playing this game. She caught on quick and loved it.

There's no puddle she won't try...

Noah had so much fun that his pants were drenched from this puddle!

Today we visited our local fire station. Maryam and Dea were a little frightened at first. As you can see below, Dea was a little nervous being on that huge truck! Maryam suppressed her fears with a chocolate chip cookie from a friend. (We actually made it a joint trip, with another caregiver and her 5 and 6-year-old charges).

Leila was terrified the last time we took a trip to the fire station, but was super brave this time!

Noah looks handsome. Look out, "Chicago Fire", you have a future cast member. ;)

The kids all received firefighter hats, tattoos and colouring books.

Maryam still clutches the umbrella.

Then she blows the whistle on the end of the umbrella. Sound the alarm, Maryam!

Actually, as we were ending our visit, they really did receive an emergency call. Very exciting! We had to exit and stand over by the wall to let them drive out of there, quick! Noah thought that was very cool!

And Maryam had us stopping to smell the roses the whole way home. A great couple of days!

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