Friday, March 18, 2016

Big City Kids!

We made 2D paper Easter baskets this week.

They are actually quite challenging for the little ones, and I am usually against crafts that have me doing more of the work than them. Still, they just loved the baskets (and maybe the attention I gave to each of them as I helped them) and wanted to do more and more.. I finally had to say, enough! lol

But they are beautiful. Noah got the hang of the craft and did most of this himself. Creative, huh?

We are getting quite the collage of Easter crafts on our wall! Wonderful!

On Wednesday, we took a ride on the subway and on the bus.

People kept asking us, "Where are you going?" But the journey was the destination. We took the subway to Kipling, and then took a bus ride back to the High Park neighbourhood.

It's so great that kids are free on the TTC now. It made it that much easier for us. The kids were incredibly well behaved.

Looking outside was a real treat. Next time, we'll have to sit at the very front or the very back of the train, so we can see the tracks.

This was Maryam's first subway ride, and it really was most special to her. She has been talking about it all week!

Here we are looking out the window on the bus, and having our snacks.

Yesterday we took a trip to the Castle Playground in High Park.

The baby part is great for the little ones, but the majority of the playground is far better for those 6 and up. We almost got run over a few times by the big kids!

Maryam has no fear, and wanted to do everything she could.

There was quite a fuss from her when it was time to leave. She wanted more rides on the slide. :)

As we walked over to High Park Zoo, we stopped to feed some ducks in the pond.

Finally, Leila told us we needed to stop. We needed to save our cheese sandwiches for ourselves! lol (There were A LOT of sandwiches, but she was quite distressed.)

At the end of this video, Maryam hears a fire truck. A common utterance from her these days is "What's that noisy?" So cute.

We saw llamas at the zoo.

Maryam found some puddles, of course! (It's been a very rainy week!)

There was a baby calf! Not sure exactly how old, but Amadea was convinced which one was the mommy and the daddy, and informed us. :)

Maryam would have sat here all day, but we eventually had to head home.

She likes to find different places to sit down, not because she's tired. In fact, she walks far more than the two bigger girls. Rather, she just finds it neat to find cool little places sit. Like I said, she's just stopping to smell the roses everywhere, and inspiring us to do the same. (Everyone needs reminders now and then.)

As you can see, she's definitely inspirational. :)

I'm not one for St. Patrick's Day, but it seems that Noah is, and he encouraged us to do a craft to celebrate the day.

Sometimes the kids have such good ideas; ya gotta take their lead! ;)

We were going to join some friends at the High Park Nature Centre today. Right before we were about to leave, we found out it was closed to the public, and was only running March Break programs. This news resulted in mayhem. They were refusing to go outside at all; that is, until I suggested a trip to Tim Hortons. Then it was all smiles.

Thank you, Timmy's, for saving the day!

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