Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Easter Bunny Visits the Daycare

The Easter Bunny made a special early visit to our apartment one night last week while we slept. Noah followed all the paper eggs with "N" on them. They led all the way down the hall, through the kitchen , and directly to the chair where he normally eats his breakfast. 
On the table by his chair he found a treat bag! The Easter Bunny had put one chocolate egg in each of the bigger plastic eggs. He also gave Noah three marshmallow ice cream cones! 
Of course, it was only natural for Noah to enjoy one before his breakfast! (Sometimes nutrition has to be sacrificed for fun and spontaneity!)
Actually, the Easter Bunny left treats for all the daycare kids. They just had to follow the first initial of their names to find their treat bags. Maya's "M"'s went across the living room floor, and up the window. Her treat bag was hanging up by the curtains. That crazy Easter Bunny! Aidas's "A"'s went across the living room floor and up the easel. His treat bag was atop the Easel (an appropriate place, since Aidas spends much of his time there). Theo's "T"'s led him to his treat bag which was perched on the bin of cars (his favourite toys by far). The location of Lucas's treat bag was completely whack. His paper eggs went right under the door to the computer room, and we found his treat bag on the computer table!
The kids were allowed two little chocolate eggs and a marshmallow ice cream cone as part of their snack. Theo, who hasn't been eating much during his days at the daycare, seemed to thoroughly enjoy the marshmallow cone. 
In fact, they all enjoyed these. (The mind boggles, as they look pretty gross to me. But how could I understand? I am merely an adult.)
After lunch the percussion ensemble played along to the "Goofy Music" CD. Lucas seems to be inspired by Noah's obsession with music as of late, and is a lot more interested in the musical instruments. He was passionately striking those spoons on the pots; it looked like it was very cathartic to him! Actually, I have noticed many dents on the bottom of those pots from the kids' drumming. Since (strangely) the noise doesn't bother me (or them), I enjoy letting them bang away. They look so pleased with themselves, like they are rebelling  in some small way. Yes that's it. It's a look of power. Good for them. They have so little of it at this point in their lives!
After their naps, we played "Grocery Store". This time, we had many packages and containers to use, since I've been saving them over the past little while. We even used some of the empty plastic eggs from the Easter Bunny for the egg cartons. No fighting over the hummus containers this time. No sir. They could also buy yogurt, crackers, oatmeal, cream cheese, lemon juice vitamins and graham crackers.
Like the last time, they all started coming to the cash at once. I said, "I'm sorry but you need to get in line". Eerily, they immediately formed a line! I had no idea they knew how to do this without more detailed instructions. They amaze me.
The photos above were taken earlier in the week. Twins really do have a special bond. These two sat, reading together for a long time. Maya would turn the pages and say, "What's that, Lucas?" They were obviously questions she already knew the answer to. Lucas would reply, "A ball", or "A train", etc., and they continued like this for some time. They really enjoy spending time together; even more so lately.
And I just had to post this. Just because. Aidas's mom informed me that morning that he refused to take off his Spider Man pajama top. He is a diva at 2 and a half. A darned cute one though!

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