Friday, September 18, 2015

Come As You Are

Marcus looks like a sullen teenager here, but I guess that has something to do with the Nirvana tee. ;) Kidding, he looks adorbs as always. Also, check out the converse kicks. This kid is stylin'!

Trip to Vine Parkette. (Btw, this is a short on words blog, in an attempt to get the pics up before the babies awake!)

Check out Maryam's shoes. Fashionista!

Best buds!! They really love each other.

Making mud, sand, leaf, grass, and stone soup. Delish!

Getting Maryam to do the grunt work for me. ;)

Cutest Blue-Jay fan, Marcus!

A child's wonder at the little things. So precious!

The day I forgot to put a bib on Maryam before giving her yogurt.

Making a birthday cake for Noah (for Monday), on request!

Leila's big bro Jacob got her an umbrella, and she loved it so much she had to bring it out on this sunny day! (It has since been discovered that this is a parasol. lol I wouldn't know. #sunworshipper So Leila was right all along!)

In love with my baby girl. :)

The big girls brought their babies to the park. They are hard working mommies, trudging up the hill!

Icing the cake. Noah requested Oreo cookies on top, so each child got one.

By trying to spread the icing around, kids always accidentally dig into the cake, and it's not pretty! Haha!

See? This cake is a little sketchy. Heehee! Perfect work for 3, 2 and 1-year-olds! My little helpers did a great job!

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