Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Rowdies

Play Dough! Thomas and David were working quietly for a good solid hour on this before our nappers awoke!

I helped Maryam make shapes. Marcus was pleased to squish the Play Dough a little, eat his post-nap apple, and just watch the commotion.

These guys have gotten pretty brave with the wading pool over the summer! Marcus loves to go out to the fountain on a daily basis.

Enjoying some grub....

Noah joined a massive water fight. It was so fun to watch!

It's been a while since we've had an Alumni Day at the daycare. haha!

Guess which kid this is, that used to attend our daycare? I'll keep you hanging for a bit....

 Amadea was queen of the flotation devices...even though she doesn't need many of them! But hey, it's fun to swim with noodles!

Love her. :)

Okay, you have one more guess at which past daycare kid this is.

Give up?! It's Oscar!! He started at our daycare when he was a mere 8 months old, and left when he was just over 2 (if memory serves me correctly). I am so happy that he and his mommy came for a visit!

And here are some pics of Noah and his buddy Salim. We hadn't had Salim over for a play date in eons, so it was time!

Play dates for Noah are essential. It can be difficult for him being around only younger kids sometimes. For instance, the previous day, he was so frustrated that no one would play Foosball "properly". He got his fill with Salim. ;)

Salim is the sweetest kid. I'm glad he's Noah's friend!

 Maryam. Is. Hilarious. Here she sports fall's new fashion must: underwear and shirt bracelets. (Yes, the underwear are clean.)

Noah left on a trip yesterday morning to San Francisco, California, to visit his big brother, Jacob. Jacob has just begun his career working for Facebook. Noah is travelling with his big sister, Emily. It is his first time on an airplane without mommy or daddy! How do you think he feels about it?

He was moderately excited. ;)

Have a great time, Noah!

Maryam is such a little beauty. And yes, all of the following photos are necessary because she looks different, and yet so beautiful, in each of them!

And Marcus is adorable, as usual! These guys are growing up fast. It's freaking me out!

Again, Maryam was just too cute wearing the Minnie Mouse headband as a bow tie. She's a trend-setter, folks!

I'm sure you've seen pictures of the kids going "over the mountain" before. My helper and I pull the wagons on the side walk, and some of the kids climb the hill as an alternate way to the playground. Well, guess who decided she wanted rice cake "NOW" when she was at the very top of the hill?

I told her to just meet me at the other side of the hill, but no. She put the brakes on and pouted, like this.

This is the little diva as I approach the top of the hill, to rescue her with a rice cake.

Now this is an impish grin! Oh, it just feels so good to get your own way! ;)

The kids love this game lately. It involves piling as many stuffed animals as you can onto Leila when she is sitting in the rocking chair. Then Leila breaks free. Then you do it all over again!

I don't think the pictures quite captured the excitement, so here:

And after all that excitement, it's time to rest. (Although, Marcus was "above" this game. lol) Isn't he a little angel?!


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