Friday, September 11, 2015

Little Scholars

It feels like school is back on for us this week, too. The summer was filled with sunscreen and swimming, and now I feel inspired to get back to our regular routine, which is a little less wild, and a little more educational. This week, the kids helped me colour a big tree on Bristol Board.

Then they danced on it. (Okay, who was I kidding, the wildness will never end. Nor should it!)

I later cut it out and mounted it onto the wall, and added alphabet leaves, to make our annual ABC tree! (These leaves, cut out of Bristol Board, were painted by the kids last year, but I think we will do some new ones this year, just to decorate the apartment) Anyway, who doesn't love a fake tree, with fake leaves that you can stick on or take off, thanks to the beauty of Velcro?! :) You'll notice some black lines in the blue sky. That is evidence that Maryam magically got hold of my Sharpie marker while I had to unexpectedly usher someone to the bathroom. (Yes, I had put it up somewhere 'safe', but this girl is a skilled opportunist!) She certainly made her mark, didn't she?! I was trying to think of something natural that we could pretend those lines are, but I got nothing. You?

We saw a raccoon while on a walk this week. As Amadea always say, "That's my favour!" (ite)

The kids made their names on paper apples this week, using alphabet stickers. They put a few of their favourite picture stickers on as well. They are to decorate our front door!

Our outdoor time at High Park today.

Dea used the big kid swing for the first time! (with the daycare, anyway) Great job! You are getting so grown up!

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