Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Another Day, Another Drop-in

We went to the Early Literacy Centre Drop-in at Indian Road Public School today. Guess who we saw playing out in the yard with his kindergarten class, as we arrived at the school?! Thomas!

He was completely comfortable and confident in his new setting, (I guess not so new now, since it's been a month) which was so great to see!

Maryam ran back to see Thomas, after we had parked our wagon. I guess she thought we were going to play in the yard with him! He was so sweet, and introduced us to a few of his new friends. So proud that he's on his way, and doing great!

And here are just a few of our activities from within the drop-in. It's an amazing, stimulating place for little ones!

Water table fun.

Gluing craft.

Home-made play dough fun!

Snack time!

And learning materials. They also had a blast in the gym - there were tents, ride-on toys, balls and hula hoops. But their favourite, as usual, was music circle. Maryam loves singing Roly Poly during music circle at the daycare, so she was delighted that we sang it here as well, with so many children to sing along!

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