Thursday, September 24, 2015

It's Still Rock and Roll to Me

Noah's 7th birthday sleepover. One of the greatest joys, and one of the greatest horrors of my life. ;)

Awww...they just look so peaceful here.

Here they are playing with their glow sticks. Leila stayed up with the boys until 10:30. She was just far too excited, and we couldn't talk her into going to bed before that!

Here is a picture taken as the movie they were watching was ending. And even though they look so calm, perhaps sleepy, in the photos above, the pictures below are more what the situation was like from lights out at midnight, until 2am.

Just add some spilled neon from the glow sticks, and a bloody nose, and that was our night! So worth it though. The boys were ecstatic, and kept saying "This is the best day of my life!"

They had a pancake breakfast the next morning. All in all a great bonding experience for the boys!

Not everyone slept over. This is a picture of the regular portion of the birthday party, the evening before. Happy 7th, Noah!!

Here are a few more pics of the daycare kids painting a couple of weeks ago. I took them with my better camera, and thought I would throw them into this blog, since I forgot to include them before.

You can tell that no good can come of Marcus travelling with the paint cup! He painted a portion of the couch a beautiful green for me! ;)

Noah travelled to San Francisco with his big sister, to visit his big brother, earlier this month. They spoiled him and took him to a Billy Joel concert! It was Noah's first concert ever, and, even though he didn't know much about Billy Joel beforehand, he sure does now! He's addicted to listening to Billy Joel. He requested that it be playing when the kids entered for his birthday party on Saturday. He wanted to also do You Tube Karaoke to Billy Joel at his birthday party, but I had to explain to him that his friends weren't as familiar with that artist. Now, every night after dinner, Noah and Leila look forward to listening to some Billy Joel tunes on his iPad. His favourite songs are "Still Rock and Roll to Me", and "She's Always a Woman to Me", and Leila likes "Uptown Girl". Looks like Maryam's enjoying the tunes here as well! Definitely some of Billy Joel's youngest fans!

There has been a lot of walking our babies to the park, as of late.

Maryam thought she'd help us find Dea's legs and hands. Dea was not pleased with this.:) Also, check out Maryam's Minnie Mouse kicks!

You saw pics of the kids making Noah's birthday cake last week. On Monday (Noah's actual birthday), we presented it and sang to him. It was his third birthday cake! (He had one at his family party, one at his kids' party, and one at the daycare party!) Spoiled with love! We also played Pin the Patch on the Pirate.

Mmmmmm.....Chocolate Oreo Cake.

Leila asked to go to Baird Park this week. What a great idea! The kids had driving lessons. ;)

And, some random photos. (Who am I kidding, these are mostly ALL random! lol)

Dea made me a mud birthday cake the other day!

Marcus helped!

Marcus arrived at daycare today in this shirt. SO adorable!!! Fake tie, fake pocket, with fake glasses. Authentic cuteness! (Oh, I almost forgot, skinny jeans!)

Maryam thought he looked cute too and gave him lots of hugs. These two are becoming good friends!

Playing Hide and Seek today.....we all hide together! lol

Maryam liked it in there!

Beautiful girl, Amadea. That is all.

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