Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Little Pumpkins

Always a fashionista, this one. Most of the kids like the idea of putting sunglasses on, but take them back off within a minute. When Maryam wears sunglasses, she means business!

Also, they need not be worn to shield the sun alone.

Maryam is also very much into Hello Kitty these days.

Pumpkin bowling, 2015, with paper cups that look like ghosts! (sort of)

Maryam and Marcus like to just walk over and kick them down. It's a sure-fire way to get a strike.

And here we have pumpkin ROLLING.

See who's pumpkin will go the farthest down a hill!

Always know when to take 5.

Noah was very excited to see the Halloween activities out, upon returning from school one day. Here, he and Leila play the Halloween memory game.

This game below is a game Noah and I came up with a few years ago, where the people are the pawns. We use a huge dice.

Ghosts are "Go back 2 spaces", spiders are "Miss a turn", and then there are some pumpkins with special instructions on them as well. Leila doesn't like the spiders; she doesn't like to miss a turn. Noah was getting frustrated with her, but then he did something that showed me how much he has learned about dealing with little ones. He said, "Okay Leila, you don't have to miss a turn. I'll just go twice." She was totally fine with this. Geez, Noah is getting way too smart!

First one to the haunted house wins!

And here are our Kleenex ghosts that spook the children while they eat their meals.

We also decorated ghosts with stickers.

Let's not forget witch's hats!


Noah pumpkin bowling.

This was so darling....Leila and Marcus are becoming good friends!

More playing in the leaves! (with rakes this time)

I love this one of Marcus.

We did our pumpkin today!

We started out strong,

And then lost a couple of participants.

These were the die-hards. ;)

Later, we separated the seeds so we could roast them!

Leila and Marcus hung out by the window, and watched the rain. It was adorable.

Leila even sang for us.

I showed them how to put the top back on. This brought Leila and Marcus back over, cause, ya know, it's fascinating stuff! ;)

Such a cute little gang of pumpkins!

We got the dress up bin out while separating the seeds. Maryam wore a duck costume to help me.

King Cookie Monster and the lion played together.

All done! The other one is for Noah to do tonight!

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