Friday, May 27, 2016

Our Wild and Wacky Daycare

Maryam wanted to be Snow White again on this day....and her wish was granted.

She's not particularly into hats (none of the kids are), but I had no complaints whatsoever upon placing Noah's Mickey Mouse cap from Disney World on her head. Of her own volition, however, she switched it around, so it faced backwards. And of course she so often requires sunglasses. So it was an amazing look. I was so glad to get the photo above, because she so often looks at us over the top of her glasses. She just emanates coolness. :)

And from the back. How wonderful is she?! Oops, we better catch up to the big girls up ahead!

And again with heart!!

I can't handle the cuteness. I am always overwhelmed by it, with all of the children. I think it is what gives me the energy to do my job. They are just. So. Sweet.

He's so tiny!!!

And his little legs are just so cute. I keep telling him I'm going to eat up his cute little legs, and he just smiles. He knows he's too darned cute.

And when I speak of cuteness, please know that I'm talking about much more than just appearances. It is more about the way that they embody their little personalities.

Maryam and Marcellus are quite fond of the sand box. Marcellus is a happy little guy about 99% of the time. It's just the way he is. We are blessed to have this little angel with us!

And you see? In the picture below, Maryam peering at some friends over the rim of her glasses. It's kind of authoritative, like the look the librarian gives me when I haven't paid my fines yet.

I swear, Drewbie was awake one moment, and I walked over to push Leila on the big girl swings. I couldn't have been more than 10 seconds, but this is what I returned to. Sleepy Drew. He looks like one die-hard Jays fan.

Leila Jane....she refuses to wear anything but dresses....she is a princess to the core...

The girls like when I bury their feet. They keep asking me to cover more of them up with sand, and if I have time, I do. Sometimes I gotta chase after the others though! Looks so much like they're suntanning on the beach. lol

Are rare moment, when we are ALL in the sand box at once.

Small talk at the teeter totter...

Marcellus was on the other end of the teeter totter, but could not be let go of, and so could not be in the picture. He does really love the teeter totter though!

"What? It's okay that I do this, right?"

Yep, no problem Drew. YOLO

Noah was too snotty to go to school one day, so he stayed with the rest of us, who were also snotty. This is the last cold for the group until September, I'm sure of it! ;)

They had fun playing hop scotch. Even Drew tries to jump off the ground, but can't quite make it yet. It is the sweetest thing.

We passed by a sprinkler today, and Dea was so into it. Maryam thought it looked like fun. At first she started to cry; the sudden cold water is a little startling!

But then she decided that Dea was right. This was the stuff.

And you gotta love Dea. She is so fun! She couldn't convince princess Leila to go in yet, but she will. I'll say it again. Leila's lucky to have such an adventurous friend!

The babies were wondering what was going on. lol

We brought a picnic blanket, crayons and colouring books to the park. The girls want to make pictures for Riley, and send them over to her in Israel.

His smile can light up the universe. He is working his way into my heart at lightning speed.

And again with the puddle. If there is water, they will come.

Tea, anyone?

Boy, did they ever get mucky today! At one point, Drew sat smack dab in the middle of the puddle. It was SO fun for them.

Marcellus passed out on the way home, and had a little nap in our living room upon our return. The other four had a quick bath as a fun way to get most of the mud off. It's always a big clean up, but well worth it. The other day, a lady was slightly alarmed when she looked at Drew playing in the mud. She told me he had a little bit by his mouth, and she truly thought I didn't know what he was up to, She was kindly trying to help me out by alerting me to the mud he was getting into. It made me chuckle. I smiled back warmly and said, "Yeah, I'm fine with that." Have fun playing this weekend, and get messy if ya can! ;)

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