Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Sprinkler Fun!

We played out back yesterday, mainly because Noah was home from school, and not feeling top notch. Poor kid has had a cold of some sort for a week and a half.

We had a picnic, and ate cheese sandwiches and blueberries. Marcellus loves them, and took as many as his little hand could hold, each time. This concerned Maryam, and she made many attempts to block his hand from the container. ;)

They pretended this was their house. Noah was very insistent on which was the inside part and which was the outside part.

Mondays are always a little tiring, aren't they? :)

Noah was home again with us today. He's definitely starting to feel better though.

On the way home, the kids ran through the sprinkler.

Noah and Amadea are very much into it. Noah especially worked hard to encourage Leila and Maryam to come in.

He eventually succeeded. Both Marcellus and Drew remained in the wagon. Drew ate crackers and watched the show, while Marcellus caught up on his sleep, using two discarded princess dresses as a pillow. Yep, nothing but satin sheets in the wagon, at this daycare!

I was thinking maybe the cold sprinkler water might not be good for Noah's cold. But I felt better when I realized joy probably is helpful.

I'm so glad they got Leila to go in a little this time. I'm hoping that by the end of the summer, she'll realize just how fun it is to get wet, and will end up soaked, like Noah and Dea.

And Maryam, at only 2.5 years old, is super-brave.

I have no more words. The pictures say it all.

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