Friday, May 20, 2016

Climbing Mountains

Drew has been upgraded to a booster seat, and sits at the table. This past week, he has been climbing up on ALL the chairs (especially Maryam's booster, cause that drives her crazy, and he loves to get any attention he can from her).

Clearly, Drew was born cool, and gives the "rock on" gesture to his peers.

Leila demands to sit next to Maryam for every meal, and Dea demands to sit next to Leila. So they sit like this always, squished in like 3 peas in a pod.

Moving out of the high chair is good for one's ego. Look at this big shot now! :)

One of Maryam's favourite activities is to trash the bedroom. lol Really, she just wants to get into the bin where the stuffed animals are kept. She always says, "I'm in the bath!" Leila, in this photo, has just requested that Maryam cover her with the stuffed animals (one of Leila's favourite activities).

Playing in the tents....

Books in the tent...

Marcellus has had a stellar adjustment so far. He is really very easy-going, except when it gets close to nap time. But who can blame him? He's not even 1 yet, and moving into only afternoon naps.

This is how we do it in the spring, summer and fall. The big kids use the path to get to and from the park, part of the way. We call it "going over the mountain". I walk, with the babies in the wagon, on the sidewalk below.

Guess who's big enough to climb over the mountain with the big girls now?! Yup, Snow White (A.K.A. Maryam).

I've been coaching her from below to take this hill SLOWLY, lest she pick up too much momentum and finish with a face plant.

And she has been listening well. As she's coming down the hill she always gets this delighted face, and exclaims "I'm doing it!"

Aaaannnnd, travelling back home after a good visit to the park.

I had to take these photos, because it just looked like Snow White in the woods or something. ;)

Random lunch time shot...

Random post-lunch shot. You know how it is....

I painted Leila's face in the princess design shown in our face-painting book, yesterday. So fun!


Amadea wanted to be a bunny. This was done after nap time, and when Leila woke up, her princess paint had mostly worn off, so she asked for a rainbow instead.

I think Dea's favourite part was the carrot finger!

I LOVE this shot. They were playing pretend. I have to keep asking Noah to tone down the death in his make-believe play, when he's playing with the 4 and under crowd. They're not ready.

Oh glorious sunshine. We are definitely into sunscreen weather now. Drew won't keep his hat on, and it's him I worry most about, but at least he's good about the sunscreen.

Leila went home from the park with her daddy today, since it was his birthday, and he gave himself the day off. We stayed to play longer.

Hard to get a pic of Maryam - she's always on the move!

Maryam loves to sit on this log. Here, Dea puts on a show for her. I heard her singing about Mickey Mouse, so she really knows how to cater to her audience.

Marcellus really loved watching me blow the fluff off the dandelions. He loves bubbles too. His face just lights up. ALL kids love bubbles though. You should see the kids that come running over when we bring the bubbles out. It's a party!

Dea wanted to be in the picture too. I always love when I can get pics of siblings. It's nice for parents to have.

Aren't they great?

Amadea showed Maryam how to climb up on this rock today. Maryam was so proud of herself!

Have a fantastic long weekend. I'm sure everyone will, because there promises to be lots of sunshine!

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